Remember Mississippi – We Will NOT Go Quietly Into The Night

Most people wake up with every day beginning with a simple prayer “Lord, please let today be even better than yesterday was and be filled with Your blessings”.  And then you have days like today where you know that God is still in control of every part of this universe no matter what anybody else says, yet you have to sit and wonder WHY does evil and corruption and those who seem to thrive in that environment continue to come out on top, or at least seem to?

For the past two months, the Conservative residents of Mississippi have been fighting what seems now to be an unattainable goal of rooting out any and all of the corruption that has had a stranglehold upon our politics for decades.  We were all in support of a man we all felt that God had placed in this most recent United States Senate election bid to help us attain that goal.  I have no doubt that when the current sitting State Senator, Chris McDaniel, was “testing the political winds” and asking people across the state whether or not we thought he could possibly win IF he chose to throw his hat into the dirty politics of a bid for a United States Senate seat, that Chris KNEW without a shadow of a doubt what he would be facing.  After all, he’s been a Mississippi State Senator for the past six years and is well acquainted with how “Mississippi politics” works.  That being said, I don’t believe ANYBODY could have been prepared, minus the Lord Himself, for the tactics that have been used to defeat this man.  “Dirty” just doesn’t cover it.  Criminal comes closer to describing the actions of those who have stolen this election from all of us who voted our Conservative convictions. 

Today, in Gulfport, Mississippi, Judge Hollis McGehee ruled to dismiss the lawsuit presented by Chris McDaniel’s legal team.  McDaniel’s lawyers had presented evidence we believed, IF HEARD, would have overturned the run-off election results and the current GOP nominee, incumbent, Senator Thad Cochran, would have been replaced with the true Republican winner of that run-off, Senator Chris McDaniel.  However, the Cochran legal team, in their dismissal edict, cited a 1959 Mississippi Supreme Court ruling that said an election challenge must begin within 20 days of the election. McDaniel waited more than a month because their legal challenge was hampered by several counties who failed to certify their election results by the deadline issued from the Secretary of State’s office.  It is my understanding that there are even still some results that the McDaniel team has not been allowed to inspect and verify. 

I’ve read many comments on different posts there on Facebook from people expressing their utter and complete shock at this turn of events.  Then there are those who like me, feel like “why even try” because it seems that no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, you just can’t win.  Then the very next moment, I see the pictures we have here of our precious grandchildren and I realize that we CAN’T just give up.  These children and millions in America like them didn’t ask for all of this corruption.  It’s OUR fault that things have gotten as bad as they have in America because we’ve chosen apathy and complacency over being vigilant and watchful of what those whom we have elected into office, from our county/city dog catcher (or animal control officer, as they are now known) all the way up to the President of the United States, have been doing and the laws they have been passing.  Our precious children deserve the opportunity to live in the, what we thought was, free America that we all grew up in, the only difference would be that we can GUARANTEE that the America they grow up in will actually BE FREE, IF we can restore this country to the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that our Founding Fathers intended this nation to remain. 

If you ever listened to any of Senator Chris McDaniel’s campaign speeches, that was his main point.  We MUST regain the premise that The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence ARE the laws of this land and they must be protected and USED as such!  Chris has two small sons and his oldest son is just starting first grade and I know that Chris and his wife are only doing everything they can possibly do to ensure that their children have the opportunity that has been afforded to each and every one of us.  Do your best in school, get a good education, learn all you can and go to school every day and make it to high school and then on to college and when you graduate, there will be every opportunity presented to you to achieve the American Dream.  That is what I believe still brings millions of people around the world to want to come to America.  No matter what those in the media tell us today, the majority of the immigrants that want to come to America, especially those who are doing it legally and through the proper channels, are doing so to provide a better life for themselves and their family members.  And there are thousands and maybe millions of those who are entering illegally also wanting that same thing, but my opinion there is, they should be deported and sent home and made to come back into the country the legal way.  That subject will open up another can of worms and I don’t want to get into that right now.

With today’s court decision, the Conservative movement here in Mississippi was dealt a knee-buckling blow.  We have not been knocked out though and we are beginning to regain some of the breath that was knocked out of us.  That is exactly how I felt when I heard the Judge make the statement that he was dismissing the case.  At first, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and he proceeded to explain why he was dismissing the case and cited the ruling about filing the challenge within the 20-day time frame.  Then came the anger that Thad Cochran and his backers have put us in this awful position to begin with.  Next came the period of crying for what is at stake IF we can’t regain control of this country, and with the people like those who are pushing Cochran to run for his seventh term in the US Senate running this country, from behind the scenes, our country is being destroyed and “fundamentally transformed” into something it was NEVER meant to be and the freedoms we enjoyed as we were growing up and as our parents and grandparents enjoyed when they were growing up are gradually being stripped from us.  What kind of country will this leave for our babies?  I can hardly bare to even think about it without breaking down into sobs again.  Our children deserve better from us.  They can’t stand up and vote out this evil and corruption, so it’s up to those of us who should have been paying attention all along and those who are just turning 18 and gaining that all-important right to vote.  I know, I know, I’ve also had the feeling of “what good does it do to vote”, in fact that feeling is what has kept me from voting and being involved in anything to do with politics for the past 30+ years.  But now that I AM aware of what is taking place and what has taken place in the past, I am totally ASHAMED for the years of apathy.  Is it too late?  Only God knows for sure, but I DO believe that He has not given us the privilege of free will and freedom of choice to sit on our hands and do nothing and allow all of the evil to run rampant.  Those of us who have been so apathetic and unengaged, and are now awakened, are striving to make up for lost time and are doing everything in our power to open the eyes of those who are still not paying attention and those who hear, but don’t actually “listen with ears that hear” what is being told to them. 

Our country is being attacked from so many different directions now until it’s hard to know which issue deserves our attention.  And the Bible tells us that in the end days there will be chaos everywhere.  I firmly believe we are witnessing the days leading up to Jesus’ return and according to God’s Word, those chaotic days are only going to get much worse.  Knowing what the Bible tells us about these end days, is still not an excuse to sit back and not try and stop the corruption and crime when we see it happening.  That is exactly what team McDaniel has been trying to do, expose the corruption and criminal acts that have taken place here in the Republican election run-off that was held on June 24th.  Chris has repeatedly stated this election challenge is about the integrity of the process.  If we can’t have an honest, fair and legal election process, there is no hope for this country. 

NO group hug    Mississippi GOP, Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, you should all know by now, but just in case you, don’t let me inform you….  You have RUINED ANY chance you had at “energizing” your political power base of Conservatives here in the State of Mississippi!  And as far as I’m concerned, and as many thousands of other MS Conservatives are concerned, THERE WILL BE NO GROUP HUG for us to “get over it” and vote to re-elect Thad Cochran to the US Senate!  I have read many comments by fellow MS Conservatives stating the fact that we were called racists and demonized to be haters of blacks, Hispanics and women, not to mention the many other vial things, is not something that very many of us are willing to forgive and forget.  We will not sit down, shut up, move on, NOR get over it!  We have remained silent for far too long and allowed those in the leadership positions of the GOP to ignore our wishes, and our pleas, and force upon us a “moderate” Republican as the GOP nominee for practically every office from the state level up to and including the Presidency and we will NOT HAVE IT ANY LONGER!  So you had better get use to the fact that no matter what YOUR wishes on the matter are, WE ARE HERE TO STAY and we will CONTINUE TO BE THE THORN IN YOUR SIDE until you realize that YOU have left your party’s platform and return the Republican party to that Conservative based platform.  We have NOT left the party platform, YOU have abandoned that platform and us in the process! 

As for me, I still don’t know what I will do with my vote for US Senate come November 2014.  I am still praying fervently about this decision and I may not know the answer until I’m standing in front of that voting machine and ready to touch that screen to cast that vote, but I DO know one thing, that Senator Thad Cochran WILL NOT be the recipient of that prized possession that only me, myself, and I, have control over!  And I know I’m not alone in my frustrations and indecision, there are thousands of us here in Mississippi and WE WILL BE HEARD ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!!


Until next time, folks, stay safe, happy, and healthy and may the Lord shine His BLESSINGS upon you, your family and your friends…

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“Who’s Going to Protect Our Children….”

Just watched the press conference there in Ferguson, Missouri, the suburb of St. Louis where all of the rioting and protests are taking place over the death of Michael Brown. Governor Jay Nixon spoke earlier this morning and kept pushing the point that the community has the right to express their frustrations and their opinions about the situations concerning their community and neighborhoods. I agree to a point. When those expressions turn violent or antagonistic towards the police, firefighters, first responders and others there in that community, then that “right” is lost.

Did the St. Louis County police handle this situation properly? Probably not. Did the St. Louis County Police Department abuse their authority by bringing out the militarized SWAT teams and use too much of a heavy-handed approach in the beginning to squelch the protestors so things wouldn’t get out of hand?  Probably.  Were things made MUCH, MUCH worse with all of the outside “help” the protestors got?  ABSOLUTELY!  With everything brought out by the St. Louis County police chief this afternoon about why the police officer stopped the two young men who were “walking down the street minding our own business”, the policeman had probable cause since the description of the suspect who had robbed the convenience store and roughed-up the clerk fit Michael Brown’s description. Did Officer Darren Wilson KNOW that the police department had just been notified of a “strong-arm” robbery not too far from where he was at that time? Only he knows. Did Michael Brown panic when the Officer told them to get out of the street? Probably. After all, the person in the videos, that are being shown of the robbery and assault of the store clerk, sure do look like Brown. Brown had no way of knowing whether or not Officer Wilson KNEW that they were the suspects the police department was looking for. With that being said, Police Chief Jackson stated that the stolen items from the robbery were found on Michael Brown’s body after everything was over and he was lying dead in the street. Now what needs to happen is to allow the police investigation to continue to find out exactly what happened that led up to the youth being killed. All of this information could have been released the day after the incident and that probably would have stamped out all of the protests and rioting and looting that took place. Hopefully, the St. Louis County Police Department as well as the Missouri leadership at every level, has learned a valuable lesson from everything that has transpired this past week. And I hope those same lessons have been learned across this nation. Do our law enforcement personnel have the right to protect themselves? Of course they do. But was it necessary to pull out all the military-style equipment in order to do that? Probably not in this particular situation. There were mistakes made on every level here and hopefully everyone has learned a valuable lesson.

I heard all the comments made earlier this morning by the Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain, Ron Johnson, trying to reassure the people there in Ferguson that HE DOES hear them and is doing his best to address their concerns and fears. I also was able to catch a few words from those citizens that were at the back of the crowd of those gathered for the press conference who didn’t have the opportunity to speak into the microphone. The few words I was able to hear stated that person was concerned with “who’s going to protect our children”, and “who in the leadership of our community is concerned about our children”. Those two statements stuck in my mind. What I find disconcerting is the fact that those two parents, and by the amount of applause those two people received there were many more in the crowd with the same opinions and beliefs, are under the impression that government, whether it be city, state or national, is responsible for “taking care of and teaching” their children! REALLY? Every day practically every news broadcast over the airwaves and here online has at least one or more incidents where a black youth has been killed for any variety of different reasons, either by another black youth, or a police officer, or even by security guard, or a home owner trying to protect themselves, their family or their property. Mostly because that youth was breaking the law by either attempting to break into a business, home, or attempting to rob a person, or business. Whatever the reason, there are far too many young people loosing their lives because of the choices THEY THEMSELVES are making in their daily lives.

It’s NOT the government’s responsibility to teach the children of the black community, Hispanic community, white community, or any other ethnic background how to be a responsible resident of their particular community. That burden and responsibility falls squarely upon the shoulders of the PARENTS of that child. The Word of God tells us that every child should be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and for far too long we as parents have failed our children on EVERY level of that command from God. Then there are those parents who do try to monitor every aspect of what their children do and they have brought them up in the church surrounded by church fellowship, guidance, and doctrine and they still get into trouble. Each child is an individual person and they are going to do what they are going to do, especially when they are grown and out on their own whether it be at college or in an apartment working at their daily job. What I do have a problem with is those parents that we see on these news broadcasts who continually state “my son wouldn’t do what the ‘poll-eese’ say he did” or those who say “well, if the ‘poll-eese’ hadda left him alone…..”. Those parents are a huge part of the problems we are seeing across this country. Are there power-hungry policemen and police women in some precincts who chose to abuse that power and harass and sometimes take their authority too far? ABSOLUTELY! BUT… we as a nation MUST find a way to regain the balance of respect between the citizens and the law enforcement personnel. If we don’t, things are only going to continue to get progressively worse and we WILL end up with a military state because that will be the ONLY way there will be control over the criminals.

The parents in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities and towns across this nation have got to realize that it is NOT acceptable for your children to supposedly act like angels at home and then once your back is turned or they leave the sanctity of your home, they turn into thugs, gang members, and criminals! It is NOT alright for a boy or young man to walk into a convenience store and grab a handful of cigars and then proceed to walk out the door without paying the clerk and when the clerk tries to stop him, he grabs the clerk around the neck of his shirt and roughs him up to show what a big man he is. There MUST be consequences when these children and youths chose to misbehave. We cannot continue to allow our children to live their lives without living through the consequences of their actions. Neither can we continue to allow the adults who chose to act like this to get away without the consequences that come with that kind of behavior. Somewhere, somehow, we have got to regain the balance between the citizens in our communities and those we have placed in positions of authority.

There are those in every society who are anarchists and no matter what form of government or authority there is in place, they are going to disagree and try to extinguish that authority over them. The place we are at in this country now is, do we continue to allow those in some leadership positions and positions of authority to instigate and call for civil unrest and for racial divide to be able to continue with their agendas or do we say ENOUGH and no longer listen to their cries. The discourse in this country will never be healed as long as people of every ethnic background continue to allow those in leadership positions to rule over their thoughts and actions. It’s way past time for everybody to realize that the only person who can change the circumstances in your life is YOU, not your parents, not your family, not your neighborhood, not your community, not your government. Only YOU have control over your own thoughts and from that your own actions! It’s past time for parents to tell each child, NO you will NOT act this way and you WILL have respect for the law enforcement trying to protect and serve our community. And it’s also time to stand up to our elected officials and law enforcement personnel and say NO, you will NO longer abuse the authority we have placed into your hands, if you want us to respect you, YOU are going to have to show the same respect to US. We MUST regain this balance in our neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties, states and federal government. We MUST if we want to stop all the senseless killings of our children and if we want our freedoms to remain in tact and our country to survive!

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A Response To The Republican National Committee’s Fundraising Letter of July 2014

Dear Reince Priebus,
I would like to address the fundraising letter you sent out a few days ago asking past campaign donors “…you haven’t turned your back on our Party during this critical midterm elections”. The audacity displayed by the wording of this letter begs to be addressed.
1) “In 110 days, conservatives like you can slam the brakes on Barack Obama’s left-wing assault on America’s freedom, prosperity and security by electing more Republicans in the 2014 elections.” Yes, Reince, conservatives like US can ‘slam the brakes on Barack Obama’s left-wing assault…by electing more Republicans’, but it seems those of you who think you control the GOP don’t know the true meaning of the word “conservative”. Proof of that lies in every election around this country, with the exception of Eric Cantor, where the grassroots have risen up against the establishment candidates, and have been slapped back down so that your ‘chosen ones’ can maintain their power and influence in the halls of Congress. Those very same Republican incumbents have proven time and time again they will NOT vote against anything that would remotely begin to stop ‘Obama’s left-wing assault on America’ because they would loose their ‘cash-cow’ if they were to stop the big government spending they’ve been a party to for the decades that they’ve held onto their positions.
2) “But I’m concerned that you’re still sitting on the sidelines not supporting our Party.” You would be correct in that assumption. Those of us here in Mississippi ARE still sitting in limbo waiting to see what the outcome of the challenge initiated by Chris McDaniel will show, IF and WHEN it is settled. Just an FYI, there are THOUSANDS if not HUNDREDS of thousands that WILL NOT VOTE FOR Thad Cochran!
3) “I’ve written to you numerous times about the historic opportunities before us this year and asked you to reactivate your RNC membership. I’ve yet to hear back from you.” This vaguely sounds like a letter from a debt collection agecny! “I’ve written to you numerous times”, one would likely deduce from the fact that you haven’t heard back, whether from a renewal of the membership or a letter explaining why the membership will not be renewed, that they have chosen to no longer support your organization, correct?
4) “I hope you haven’t turned your back on our Party during the critical midterm elections.” No, Reince, we haven’t turned our back on our Party, but we KNOW that our Party has turned their backs upon US. The proven race-baiting ads paid for by the different GOP PAC’s as well as the seven U.S. Senators, who have openly declared war upon The Tea Party, are just the final straw for a huge majority of those of us who consider ourselves Constitutional Conservatives. #RememberMississippi?
5) “President Obama is determined to restore liberal firebrand Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and keep hatchet man Harry Reid running the U.S. Senate.” What difference does it make whether Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner are Speaker of the House? Those of us out here in the grassroots can’t tell a difference! And as far as “hatchet man Harry Reid” goes, there’s not much difference between him and Mitch McConnell either! It seems that Boehner nor McConnell are doing what they were placed in office to do and that was to STOP OBAMA! They both have voted to grant Obama’s every command and even stood and clapped when he stated in the State of the Union Address in January 2014 that he would “make Congress irrelevant, if they continued to obstruct his policies”. So tell me again WHY should we be sending our hard-earned dollars to an organization that seemingly has NO interest in representing US?
6) “He’s doing his part by raising tens of millions of dollars in campaign cash from wealthy lefty heavy-hitters all across the country.” So WHAT? The campaign waged by Dave Brat, the college economics professor, didn’t have any where near the millions that Cantor’s camp raised and yet the PEOPLE of that district pulled off what ‘the power’s that be’ professed couldn’t be done! Just more proof of what can happen when the people decide they’ve had enough!
7) “With a Democrat-run Congress – and lapdog mainstream media unwilling to question his liberal policies – Obama will have free reign during his final two years in office to fully implement Obamacare, pass blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, and continue his march to undermine the U.S. Constitution.” The way it looks to us out here in the trenches of everyday American life, it already seems as though Obama HAS free reign because there are only a handful there in either house of Congress that are even lifting a finger to stop him or even slow him down. I personally have a letter written to me by Thad Cochran promising me that he is doing “everything in his power to stop the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and to defund the portions that are already in place” and within 4 days of receiving that letter, Thad was just one of the majority votes that allowed the cloture vote to go forward and Obamacare was funded for another year. That blatant lying doesn’t sit well with me and I know millions of other Conservatives that feel the same way. And John Boehner has recently gone before the microphones to state that there will be NO opposition to the Obama administrations agenda with allowing all of these illegals to enter the country, and don’t try and pretend that it is ONLY “the unaccompanied children” that are entering because there is UNDENIABLE PROOF that the huge majority of those crossing our border from Mexico are NOT children! As far as “his march to undermine the U. S. Constitution”, the Republicans have had their hands dirtied in that little dastardly deed themselves. You see we are keeping track of EVERY vote and EVERY piece of legislation that is passed that takes away each tiny piece of our civil liberties, Bill of Rights, as well as the rights granted to us through our Constitution. Every vote that has come up to renew the unconstitutional NSA spying has had GOP support, as well as has the NDAA, and I can go on and on. Keep in mind, WE ARE WATCHING!
As far as “keep our Party on track to victory”, it might be worth noting that John Boehner wouldn’t have his Speaker of the House position that he holds today if it weren’t for the grassroots effort of the people who make up each and every Tea Party organization across America, you know the people that you and those like you in the Republican establishment despise and to whom Mitch McConnell as well as Boehner have declared war against. If the elections in Virginia, with Eric Cantor’s defeat and the still unsettled election in Mississippi, with Thad Cochran’s trouncing are any indication, WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of the shinannigans of the hierarchy that has established itself there in the halls of Congress and in the buildings there in Washington, DC and it is beginning to show up through every ballot cast in every election across the country. Those of you who continue to ignore our Constitution and the valued principles that this nation was founded upon do so at your own political peril. There is a revolution brewing across America and the Republican Party can either get on board or get out of our way!

A TRUE Constitutional Conservative who has had ENOUGH!!

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We all know what consequences are, they are:
1: a conclusion derived through logic : inference
2: something produced by a cause or necessarily following from a set of conditions
3 a : importance with respect to power to produce an effect
b : social importance
4: the appearance of importance.

And I don’t know of anyone, especially in today’s society, who likes facing the consequences of the things they have done. Normally, we don’t even think about the consequences of what we are doing until they come back and bite us in our rear ends. That’s when we could kick our own rear ends for not thinking about what consequences we would face before we acted.

I’ve found myself in the “not thinking before I act” consequence much too often and yet I seem to continue to be a slow learner! You would think one of these days I would learn. I am doing much better the older I get and now find myself trying to tell my grown children to think before they regret their actions.

My mind has been full and gloomy since this past Wednesday afternoon when I got the news that my cousin, who I consider to be my older sister, is now facing some life altering and devastating consequences of her own.  Some of what is hitting her right now are from decisions she made herself, and some are from decisions made by other people that are effecting her.

I have been where she is now and it is no fun knowing you’re facing loosing your home and there is nothing you can do about it.  My situation was different than hers in that I lost my mother’s home through foreclosure.  We made several bad financial decisions that all resulted in the loss of our house and land.  That was a consequence I didn’t think I was going to live through, but with God’s amazing grace and the support and love of my children and my husband as well as my mother, we’ve all made it through that devastating time in our lives.  I am fervently praying for my cousin because she doesn’t have the support of her only child, nor the majority of her family that lives there close.  In fact, her only child is the main reason she is facing this loss.  And the rest of her family has sided against her because of their jealousy that she was the main recipient of their Father and Mother’s home and land upon their deaths.

This family has always had their problems with those who always thought that “she has more than me” or “he doesn’t deserve that, he hasn’t done anything for them” or “that should be mine, I’m the one that….” or “I’m their child too, so why didn’t *I* get so and so” and I’m sure there are thousands of other phrases that would fit.  My precious Aunt has told my mother, her sister, for years how all of this in-fighting hurt her and sure didn’t help her marriage but there didn’t seem to be a way to stop it.  And now that she and my Uncle are gone, I know they are both looking down and so upset that their youngest child, the one they did their best to take care of and provide for, for her whole life, is having to endure all of this.  There were promises made to these two people by this daughter that she would take care of their place until the day she died and when she made those promises I’m positive she had no idea that those words would mean what she says they mean today, that before she leaves her Moma and Daddy’s house for it to be sold they will have to carry her body out.  She has vowed she will die in the same bedroom where both of them died.  And the fact that she means what she says doesn’t seem to bother the siblings that are causing all of this right now in the least.

Now before any of you start with the “well she started it”, let me assure you I’ve heard what happened with the two instances that began all of this latest drama.  The day cleaning the beach house could have been avoided and the night spent in jail could have been avoided.  Like I said in the opening of this article, life’s choices have consequences.  And I’m almost positive that the sister who’s losing her Moma and Daddy’s home has regretted the decision she made to change the original will, no matter what promises were made that fateful day!  Loosing the property because her son was going to sell it to get what he thought was owed to him then, or being forced to sell it to give what this sister thinks is owed to her, there is no difference.  She’s loosing her home and the home she promised ya’ll’s parents that she would take care of.  She says she has tried repeatedly to tell you that she does not think of this property as hers, in her mind, this is still her Moma and Daddy’s place, no matter what a land deed says.

Most people would be devastated to know they have caused one of their family members so much distress but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this family conflict.  The only thing that matters, or so it seems, to these siblings is that if they can’t have it then neither can she.  And that’s what this all boils down to, their parents didn’t chose to sell their property and divide up the money between their 5 children, four biological and one adopted grand daughter because her mother couldn’t taking care of her.

All I’ve been able to do this morning is pray and cry for this woman.  I love her as much as I do my own brother and sister and it’s breaking my heart to even think that she may be dead within one or two months because she didn’t have the money and couldn’t come up with the money to buy out the sister who’s decided she wants all of the money she’s voluntarily put into their Moma and Daddy’s home place.  As in the Bible when the two women claimed that the baby was hers and not the other woman’s King Solomon ordered the baby to be cut in half and each half given to each woman, so the real mother spoke up and said, “No don’t kill my baby give him to her if it will save his life”, this property will be sold and divided between these sisters.

One thing I haven’t mentioned so far, is that this 12 acres of property also contains a small family cemetery where the parents of these women are buried.  That corner of the property will also be sold!  My question to this sister demanding her money is, what happens when the new property owners decide they don’t like having a cemetery on their property and get a court order for the bodies to be exhumed and moved to a church cemetery somewhere?  Are YOU then gonna step up and pay to have your parents bodies moved from the land they wanted to be buried on and moved to…..where?  Or have you even thought that far ahead?  I kinda doubt it.  If you had, you wouldn’t be forcing the sale of the land your Daddy chose to live out the rest of his days on so he could have a little peace and serenity instead of the fighting and fussing he’d had for the majority of his days here on this Earth.

Half of those 12 acres are yours to do with as you see fit so you could have easily picked where you wanted you a house and either put you a trailer on it or built you a house or put up a tent, a shed, or whatever you wanted to do.  There are many, many options other than selling your Moma and Daddy’s place.  You should be ashamed to know that yet again you are causing more conflict and chaos in your family.
It saddens me and my Moma, your Moma’s sister, to no end to know that ya’ll have once again chosen fighting and chaos instead of reconciliation and peace while you too are living in the later years of your life.  And it doesn’t bother you in the least to know that you are acting just like our Mothers half sister, you remember her, the one you despise more than the devil himself?

I know it doesn’t mean anything to you for us to be saying that we are praying for you because you’ve already made the statement that you’ve done so much in your life that God won’t forgive you for, so you know you are going to hell.  Well, I know that God does, can, and will forgive you but only if you chose to ask Him.  No one else can make that decision for you and I pray with all my heart that He will touch your heart and mind in such a way that there is no way you can deny that it was in fact God that has touched you.  No matter how low you go God can find you and reach you and He’s always there waiting for us to come to Him with a humble spirit and a repentant heart and He will pick us up and clean us off.  I pray you will come to this knowledge and realization before it’s too late.  And I’m praying for the rest of the family too.  Living a life of always believing that you are the victim and you were always the one slighted is no way to live and neither is constantly causing chaos and strife.  Every one of you in this family know that the chaos and strife are the exact reasons that your parents chose to move away from the home where you all grew up to begin with and now that same chaos and strife may possibly uproot them in their final resting place, you should be totally and completely ashamed of yourselves.  May God forgive you for what you are doing.  His is the only opinion that matters in the end after all.

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Happy 40th Anniversary to the Hall Family

I was riding through our little town the other day and as I rode through the streets where we use to live a flood of old memories came rushing back.  Our little family moved here to Tippah County, MS in the city of Ripley, forty years ago, today, July 3, 1974.  During those forty years we have lost a lot of the friends we first made when we moved back to Ripley, we still have some of the friends from back then and we’ve certainly made many more in those forty years.  Along with the friends come many, many priceless memories made during all those years from living in this one place.

As I was riding through the town and looking at first one house or building and then another, I was thinking about the people who use to live in those houses and some of those same people use to have businesses in those buildings.  Houses where people who I don’t know live now and buildings that are either empty or have another type of business in them now owned by people I don’t know.

So many things are changing in our state, country and even in our world today that it is hard to keep up with which issue is most important.  They all seem to be life altering at times and that is scary, only if we take our eyes off of our One and only stabilizing force, Jesus!  Four of our original five family members were saved and baptized right here in Ripley and I praise God for that!

Our little family of five original members has grown into an extended family of twenty-four and we’re so thankful for God’s blessings that He’s poured out upon us since we’ve been here. Moma and Daddy now have nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that if Daddy were still alive these grands and great-grands would be spoiled more than they already are!

Each house I passed, I could recall that so-and-so lived there and they both passed away several years ago.  Or so-and-so still lives there but their spouse died last year.  Very few homes I passed still had their original owners living there although for the most part, the houses looked the same.

I couldn’t help but remember the houses my brother and sister and I would visit as teenagers and all the fun we would have with the friends that lived in those houses.  Friends who have now either moved out of state or have built their own homes somewhere else, either here in Ripley or in Tippah County or one of the other counties here in Mississippi.

As I was driving and thinking, I thought of all the changes that have happened in our county over the past 30 or so years and I began to think of what changes lie in store for the grandchildren we now have over the next 30 or so years to come.  There haven’t been a whole lot of changes made, the biggest I can think of has been the vote last summer to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages.  Beer, wine and liquor are now legally sold here.  Every convenience store and grocery store have shelves in their refrigerated sections stock full of beer and there are 3, maybe 4 wine and liquor stores that have opened up here in the city of Ripley.

With every news report coming out of Memphis, it seems the crime is going up and I’m fearful that it won’t be long, especially with our country, as a nation, in the trouble we are in now, that some of that lawlessness will eventually make its way to this quiet little town that has seemed for so long to go untouched by such things.  We have had our share of criminal activity and there have been the occasional murders, but nothing to say that there is a crime spree breaking out and if we’ve had any gang activity, it hasn’t been broadcast about.

This little town’s resilience and it’s ability to remain a small Southern town has been the draw for a many a person that I’ve talked to, especially when I was working out in the public and would be the person sitting behind the desk when the new customers would come to have their electricity turned on.  I never failed to ask them where they were coming from and sometimes would even venture to ask what drew them to Tippah County in their journey.

I just pray that this county can retain it’s small, Southern town resilience so that my grandchildren can one day drive down the streets of this town, who knows, maybe even forty years from today and say that they too can remember who lived in that house when…..

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Portrait of a Diabetic

After reading “Portrait of a Diabetic” I’m comforted in knowing that I’m not by myself in trying to manage my Type 2 diabetes without taking the drugs pushed by the pharmaceutical companies and most doctors. I was diagnosed with this dreaded disease in September 2013 and it has been a struggle, to say the least, to find ANYTHING to eat without loads and loads of sugar. So in that respect, I sympathize with Grayson. Practically EVERYTHING sold in the supermarkets is loaded with sugar in one form or another. I took Metformin 500mg twice a day for almost 2 months and began to have severe stomach distress. My upper stomach bloated out and I got to the point where I could hardly eat anything. And I was constantly hurting from up under my breast bone all the way through my body to my backbone. When I told the doctor she suggested I cut back on the pills to once a day. When that didn’t relieve the symptoms, she suggested I take one tablet every other day. The symptoms continued so I was advised to cut the tablets back to every two days, and on it went until I was only taking one pill a week and when that still didn’t help, I just quit taking the tablets altogether. My blood sugar level has never gotten higher than 195 and normally stays around 121, although I have had several readings in the high 80’s. Thank you, Grayson for your blog. I haven’t tried the all meat approach, I’m gonna give it a try since I’ve practically tried everything else.

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Conspiracy Theories…. Really?

No matter what you think of conspiracy theories, they’ve been around for a long, long time.  And in this age of technology, the internet has allowed these theories to explode exposing them to many different people across the globe.  I’ve read about the global one world government, or as some call it, the New World Order, NWO, or Agenda 21, for decades and have done a little bit of research into it and discovered included in that research a theory about “chemtrails”.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading or hearing on the multiple videos out there about what these people have been doing to the populace of the world, and a good majority of these ‘people’ are folks that use to work in the government and according to their videoed statements they actually carried out some of this across the globe.
According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, this is the definition of the term “chemtrail”…

The term chemtrail is a portmanteau of the words “chemical” and “trail”, just as contrail is a contraction of “condensation trail”.[5] The term does not refer to other forms of aerial spraying such as agricultural spraying (‘crop dusting’), cloud seeding, skywriting, or aerial firefighting[6]—the term specifically refers to aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in ordinary contrails, resulting in the appearance of characteristic sky tracks. Supporters of this conspiracy theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be for solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, human population control,[1] weather modification,[3] or biological or chemical warfare, and that these trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.[7][8]

As more and more people learn about these trails being left across our skies, there is more and more proof that there definitely is something going on.  Although you rarely hear any stories on any news media broadcasts investigating any of this.  There are some reporters who dare to approach this subject, but not nearly enough.  And some of those who have done some investigation, and gotten too close for comfort to those who are the backers of carrying this out or thinking all of this up or financially supporting this, according to their family members or colleague’s, have paid with their lives for trying to disclose this to the rest of us.

The latest theory has developed out of this harsh winter that has hit the United States since October 2013 and especially with this latest polar blast or as it’s known in the “weather community” the polar vortex.  According to meteorologists on our local news and places like The Weather Channel, these polar vortices are blasts of arctic air that have come down from the North across Canada and have extended as far as the central region of Florida.  This latest storm hit our area here in the Deep South Tuesday, January 28, 2014, and has left many areas in our southern states in utter chaos.  Because of the rapid icing that took place in cities across the South, like Jackson, MS, Birmingham, AL, and Atlanta, GA, schools, businesses and government offices all began to close to allow people to hopefully make it home before the roadways got so bad they couldn’t make it home.  The fronts moved in more quickly than the local weather personnel predicted, and as a result, the main thoroughfares in these major cities became literal parking lots of cars, trucks and semi-trailer trucks, or as we call them here in the South, 18-wheelers, or Big Rigs, that were literally stuck on the icy roadways.  More accidents than the local towing or wrecker services could handle left those roadways totally and completely blocked and people who were able to, left their vehicles where they sat and either got someone to come get them or they walked home in the frigid temperatures and sometimes almost blinding snow.  There were reports coming out of Alabama and Georgia of multiple school buses who were stuck in this gridlock and were carrying a full busload of students.  Needless to say those students, whose parents either didn’t have a way to come get them or were unable to reach the buses, were forced to spend the night and most of the next day on those buses.  And there were even buses that were caught up in the grid-lock on the highways before they could even reach the schools to pick up the children in some communities.  Those children, whose parents that weren’t able to reach them, ended up spending the night there at the school with what school staff that hadn’t left the school.  There are multiple stories now coming out about what brave souls consoled and entertained, in some cases, what were full classrooms of frightened children.  My first question when I heard of these were: WHY didn’t the school officials cancel classes for Tuesday?  There were multiple weather sources announcing for over a week in advance about the extremely cold weather that was headed our way.  But their explanation was, there was not supposed to be much accumulation of snow or ice and they thought they had time to send everyone home before the roads got to the point that it was dangerous to be out on them.  Hopefully, they have learned a valuable lesson because today is THURSDAY, January 30, 2014, and there are STILL roadways blocked by the abandoned vehicles and there are multiple reports by people across social media saying their normal drive home from work took anywhere from 3, 4 hours up to 14 to 24 hours!  I even had family members in northwest Georgia to comment on their Facebook pages that a normal 20 – 30 minute drive from work took them 2 hours to make because of the weather conditions and the roads being almost nearly impassable.
In reading some of the many stories on social media last night about the kindness of people helping their fellow man in these desperate situations, I came across a video about how some people in different parts of the country have been claiming that this snow that has fallen across the nation, is not “real” snow!  There are several videos on YouTube where people have filmed themselves going out of the doors of their homes, scooping up the snow from their yards and taking it back into the house to do an “experiment” of some sort to see for themselves what this latest conspiracy theory is all about.  These latest videos are what caught my attention and has helped me further conclude that these people who have been trying for decades to educate the rest of us are not so crazy after all.  Take a look at the video evidence provided in these links and judge for yourself:

Georgia Fake Snow!!!!

fake snow ? where is the water


All of these videos were made yesterday, January 29, 2014, and as I’ve already stated were taken from different parts of the country.  One of the ones I viewed had a comment asking where this person was and he said CANADA!  So it’s not just happening here in the U.S.

In every one of these videos, when fire or extreme heat is applied to these snowballs or clumps of snow, they don’t melt like traditional snow.  The snow that is immediately exposed to the heat, either from the flame, from the lighter, or the flame from the blow torch doesn’t start to melt or draw up right away; it takes a few seconds for it to react to the heat.  Now, I don’t know where you grew up, but I’ve been exposed to a fair amount of snow during the 55 years I’ve been on this Earth, and the snow I’ve always grown up around did not react to heat like this particular snow does!  This snow reacted more like Styrofoam or plastic when exposed to a heat source, it draws up or shrivels up.  This stuff did not melt and turn into water, in fact, the videos I saw, in not one of them, was there even the slightest drop of moisture or humidity anywhere to be seen.  Granted these videos did not show the entire snowball or clump of snow being consumed by the heat.  So to give credence that this is not a conspiracy, maybe once the entire snowball was shriveled up, MAYBE then the water would have been released from the barrier of whatever formed around it that was keeping it from leaking out…. who knows.  I never found a video where the entire snowball was consumed.  The people doing the experiments stopped applying the heat source once they realized it wasn’t melting and in multiple videos once they realized these experiments were leading to a foul odor being emitted, they stopped.  I don’t blame them!  Not knowing exactly what they were dealing with, there’s no telling what they were exposing themselves to, not only by just touching this stuff, but once those fumes started to spread, they were breathing that stuff in.  So you take a look at these videos and see what you think.  I’m thinking that maybe these “conspiracy nutjobs” aren’t so crazy after all, what about you?

The site I was on when I saw the first video of the woman in Georgia going out her door and scooping up the snowball, is Facebook.  The Facebook page is “Moretti Underground”.  This site was started by Jo Anne Moretti for people like me that didn’t believe in all of “this conspiracy stuff”, but since we’ve seen and heard some of the evidence that is out there, we are gradually learning what is going on, and in my case, I’m changing my mind on quite a few things that I had doubted before.  If it weren’t for folks like Jo Anne, millions of us would still be in the dark and calling people like her “crazy” still!  Thanks Jo Anne and all the rest of you that have been trying so faithfully to wake the rest of us up!  The comments made on this post on Facebook last night were eye-opening to say the least.  I will post the link to this entire thread on Facebook at the bottom of this blog.

Another thing that has gotten me thoroughly concerned about this “fake” snow is what showed up under the microscope by some of the people who were doing their own experiments last night.  Folks after you see these pictures I sure hope you start to question what’s been going on and what IS STILL going on in this country with what appears to be the man-made manipulation of our weather across the globe.  The people who took these pictures of what they found under their microscope know microbes and microorganisms when they see them because they work with animals and the care of those animals.  By them having such a high powered microscope, I would assume they have to diagnose what organism they are dealing with to know what treatment should follow to help their furry friends.  Anyway, the samples of snow they put on those slides and then put under that microscope doesn’t look like any water based snow that I’ve ever seen before!  Here are the pictures, take a look and tell me what YOU think:

1-28-2014 any ideas of what we are seeing here I have no clue but it isw in the snowflakes -Cynthia Gates 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully0 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully1 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully2 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully3 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully4 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully5 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully7 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully8 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully9 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully11

Folks, I don’t know about you, but this is NOT something I would expect to see in a normal snowfall sample placed under a microscope.  And according to the people who conducted these experiments, it’s not something they are used to seeing in normal, regular snow either!

So what are we dealing with here?  And as one person who commented on this last night said, “So, what are you going to do now?”  I’m like Jo Anne, when she replied, “I don’t know…..” I don’t know what we do now either.  But I DO know one thing, IF I had innocently and unknowingly fixed a bowl of ‘snow cream’ for my kids and grand kids, I would be TERRIFIED of what they had just ingested!

Now there were some people in other parts of the country that joined this conversation on this particular thread last night that said the samples of snow they gathered and tested did in fact melt and turn into water like normal, regular snow.  And they were very careful to make sure they did the exact same thing that the people in the videos did.  So it even furthers the mystery, when you try to consider how one part of the country has the fake snow and another part has regular snow that we are all use to.  Another question that begs to be answered is how is this being done to one part of the country and not the other?  How can these particles be placed in one area of a cold front or rain cloud and it not effect everywhere on the ground that it crosses?  One picture posted on last night’s thread showed the chemtrails that showed up over this lady’s house the day before the big snow storm hit.  So could that be further proof that our weather IS being manipulated?  I believe it is!

The Wikipedia definition of chemtrails stated that some theorists say this is being done to help stop or prevent further global warming.  And I know everybody out there has their own ideas as to whether or not the Earth is going through the normal climactic cycles that it’s always been through or whether these cycles we are witnessing are caused by man and our disregard for the safety of our planet.  Whatever opinion you hold, if you watched the videos and saw how that experiment did not melt the snow into a liquid form, it shriveled it up into a ball of some sort, you may be drawing the same conclusions that I came to last night.  I have been going back and forth with trying to decide if this is being done to create drought-like conditions across the globe thereby cutting down on the humidity produced by the Earth, and that would, in my mind anyway, cut down on the global warming conditions.  Or, is this being done as some in the scientific field suggest to put particles into our atmosphere to block out some of the Sun’s rays to prevent them from reaching the Earth to make the humidity that contributes to global warming?  If you’re like me, I don’t know what to think!  I DO know that as more and more evidence comes forth, I am beginning to get a lot more suspicious of what is going on and what is being done to produce such drastic weather patterns.  And over the past decade we have had some very drastic weather patterns all over the globe.  You can take your pick, whether it’s tornadoes where people don’t usually have to deal with that type of weather, flash floods that happen where people don’t usually even receive much rain at all, or hurricanes that are of almost Biblical proportions, or whether it’s the tsunami’s that have occurred recently that are of Biblical proportions!  Something is happening world-wide and those things that are happening are having very real consequences for those of us who are living through them.  I hope this blog has been informative and has helped lead you to begin to do some research on your own so you can begin to inform your family and friends.  It sure wouldn’t hurt all of us to have some kind of back-up plan or preparations in place to help get us through when the next disaster strikes.

Until the next time we meet…. May God continue to bless you and yours beyond anything you could ever imagine and keep y’all safe, healthy and happy until His return.

Here is the link to the Facebook post I was reading last night:

This link should provide you with all of the original pictures I posted as well as many articles linked into the comments from people who have done extensive research into these chemtrails as well as extensive research into what the government consented to use to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill that happened off the Louisiana coastline several years ago.  Some of the comments suggest that the organisms that are showing up under the microscope look exactly like the organisms they found under microscopic investigations of what was used to clean-up that oil spill. Could these organisms have gotten evaporated up into the atmosphere and in every rainfall and snowfall we have be finding their way back to Earth?  I believe they could and I also believe that this is NOT something that we need to have showing up in our drinking water, nor our water we bath with. It sure doesn’t look to be healthy to me.  As of the posting of this blog, this thread on Facebook has received over 850+ comments.  Once you click on the link, you may have to scroll down the page to find the post I’m talking about.  It leads off with the first video I posted here in this blog.

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Conservative Blogger “NebraskAttitude”

Here’s the link to a GREAT Conservative blogger. I’m sure her thoughts posted in this blog mirror millions of other bloggers out there.
Share this with everyone and help the rest of us Conservatives get the message out!

There’s also a GREAT video that should be going viral on YouTube she has linked to. Obama in “his own words” once again. Haven’t seen nor heard about it til I read Shelly’s blog today!!

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As we celebrate another Independence Day here in America, I consider this one maybe the most bittersweet. I still consider myself a free American, but with the rulings by the Supreme Court and the decision by Justice John Roberts to switch his vote at the last instant, I can’t help but feel we have been betrayed and we surely are no longer a truly *free* citizenry. I have read many articles by other bloggers who feel the same way and although we are no where near ready to just accept defeat, we are all a little sad on this our 236th anniversary of our country declaring its independence. The blows to our freedoms and liberty during the month of June should be a wake-up call to all citizens that our way of life is no longer “gingerly” falling off the edge, but is in fact almost completely in mid-air! I don’t know what else can happen to awaken those that are still remaining or chosing to remain apathetic.

I have also seen many posts and comments urging the citizens to take up arms and march on Washington to let our elected representatives know we will no longer put up with their treasonous actions. I firmly believe that is exactly what the anarchists and traitors in the White House and their administration are looking forward to. That would definitely give them the perfect excuse to declare Marshall Law. And I also believe they are looking for ANY and EVERY excuse they can find to do just that. They haven’t turned the New Black Panther Party loose on us yet, because they know that we know if the chaos starts with the NBPP, we will not tolerate that, so they are looking for us to “fire the first shot” so to speak.

We have already seen this past weekend, with the Secret Service shutting down the young people who had gathered outside the Capitol building to peacefully protest “Fire Eric Holder”. The pretence was that there was a “bag” left outside and the people were dispersed as a safety precaution. This was the second type of shut down in the past 2 weeks of our expression of Free Speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment of our beloved US Constitution. This new policy of no protesting near any building where the President or any Senator or Representative are located was passed in March 2012. This is only the beginning of what is to come folks and we had better get it stopped before it has a chance to go much further or we will no longer have an opportunity to do so.

I was checking on a link on my Facebook wall this morning titled “Continental Congress 2.0”. One of the commentors remarked this petition was signed by Col. Allen West, I assume to entice others to sign the petition just because Rep. West signed, thereby, giving this petition and movement his endorsement. After reading the “100 Consolidated Grievances for Consideration to be Included in a Petition for Redress of Grievances by the Delegates of Continental Congress 2.0 Convening in Philadelphia from July 2, 2012 to July 4, 2012“, I am convinced IF Col. West signed this petition, it was because someone recommended he sign or a staff member suggested it and he did not read the entire grievances section. Although there are some legitimate that I do agree with, there are far too many socialists ideologies and what I consider out-and-out looney ideas. There are far too many of the 100 grievances that I do not agree with to list, one specifically that I do not agree with is they are calling for a “one for all medical insurance” this amounts to the single-payer system like Medicare for everyone that is what Obama and the socialists are wanting to begin with. That’s one reason Obamacare was passed, so they could turn it into the single-payer system!  Another of the grievances is for the “legalization of ‘marihuana’ (I believe they were trying to say marijuana!), which I DO NOT agree with!! This grievances list sounds like something the Occupy protesters came up with under the guise of being Constitutionally supportive. There are far too many *free* programs to be set up as well as *taxpayer funded* suggestions, which is the same thing. They are calling for Big Government to become bigger, all to justify all the *free* programs for the *needy*! The majority of grievances listed are no where close to what our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence have set up for us as guidelines.

I do agree with their idea to abolish the Federal Reserve, although I do not agree with the Treasury Department “absorbing” the duties of the Fed! The whole Fed was set up to give a few select bankers control over our money and I don’t believe that is right. They also are calling for Congressional Term Limits which is a fantastic idea. And there’s a suggestion to abolish the controlled media conglomerate of 6 to 10 corporations/owners that control every media outlet we have access to. This conglomerate is a definite security risk to our National Security.

The web site is Continental Congress 2.0 I’m sure glad I went on and checked out this site and especially the 100 grievances before I decided to support this by signing the petition and giving them my email address. Taught me a lesson, that just because it has “Constitution” in the name doesn’t always mean it is supporting THE original document the Founders penned!!

Until next time, may God continue to BLESS each and every one of you and as we humble ourselves before Him, may He continue to BLESS and prosper our beloved United States of America!!

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A Little Clarity On How We Got Where We Are

This blog is a reprint of a comment by “America the Beautiful” posted on “The Ulsterman Report” article about his latest conversation with a person working inside this administration, know to UM’s readers as Wall Street Insider (WSI). The latest post is called “Wall Street Insider: ‘IMF – Back to Chicago'”. This person’s comment has cleared up a lot of the questions I’ve had for quite a while about how, we as a people, have allowed our country to become so corrupt and our government to drag our nation down as far as we have…..

America the beautiful:

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our collapse has been in play for some time. Clinton (more Hillary than Bill) and their progressive/socialist minions on the left began the financial destruction with the alliance of Subprime-loans and the CRA, the Community Reinvestment Act, …Which in combination with a host of other tangential fraud undermined  the banks …as they were forced to make ill-conceived  and ill-advised loans that would crush housing values and the efficacy of the mortgage contract.   The mortgage had managed to be the floor or the stabilising force of America’s banks along with the legal  contract. Contracts that are met and enforced by our laws…our banking system, our courts. The ill conceived loans gave birth to the ill advised investment vehicles, CDS etc., These have been repeatedly bundled and have yet to be reengineered, reverse engineered or in some way cut from our economy… leaving in place a metasticizing cancer at the core of our economy, requiring a financial surgeon who will know how to aptly deal with it rather than an autocrat or a theorising professor.  The legal contract and private property are core components of our constitution and our economy.  With the breakdown of our banks and laws, the crippling of our economy has made us vulernable particularly in concert with Obama spending us into oblivion, which is primary to his  destructive plan.  With a distracted and downtrodden, and he hopes soon, a desperate citizenry, we are ripe for a takeover by the Global Banking system that was part and parcel of this scheme. (see Soros on collapse of currency)

Environmentalism is the mask by which the globalists manage and control. Through ventures like Obama’s CCX, cap and trade is simply a vehicle to tax and instil fear. Don’t believe Obama ever believed in Solyndra or any green energy. It was strictly another avenue to transfer wealth to his team and break our bank as he spent us into the rabbit hole…these schemes have had forerunners in Europe where the proponents are referred  to as “Watermelons”… Green on the outside, red inside. It is communism through energy  control, wealth transfer and redistributive taxation. Obama is collapsing our country into the hands of the UN and the IMF.

There are many pieces to his scheme that were obvious to the curious or suspicious.

1.) The Gulf Spill:   The spill began with two men atop the rig fighting. One died. The spill then happened… Why has there been no investigation as to what began that spill and consideration of sabotage? Obama’s partner in the CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange is British Petroleum and Soros.  Obama dragged his heels for months… for an inexplicably long long time…Refusing tanker vacuums… Closing all drilling in the gulf states..killing their economy and sending our rigs to Brazil and Pertobas with billions in loans of US dollars through the IMF, where Soros and others not only were the recipients of their benefactor but more importantly the price of oil is driven upward, upward, upward. Think it’s high now? Wait until after the election should Obama win.

2.) I believe the first TARP had to happen to stop the collapse of many of our banks. Congress, because of their mandate to write subprime loans, held responsibility to the banks. While Goldman and others had pushed the ill advised investments– the bundled mortgages originated from Congress’s mandate and their GSE banking vehicles Fannie and Freddie whom had been most egregious of all with thieving progressives at the helm? With the collapse came the fear of the raiding of America’s enterprise system by many.  We could not simply sell off the country for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps we should have…u

However the Federal Reserve and Bernanke undermined us. Bernanke kept interest rates ridiculously low as he, printed dollars into infinity for further Quantitative Easing, QE1, QE2, with QE3 in transit. This printing of dollars was direct and absolute theft out of your bank account and your future bank account.  Your values have been cut almost in half…And the socialists claim for an embrace of Keynesian economics, that in fact Keynes had disavowed, was but a Trojan Horse as they emptied our banks.

The Fed made loans and they were made not to the engines of the free enterprise system of the USA but to Europe, to their banks..where their mutual destruction is assured by the use and contagion of the Euro….and their unsustainable debt, particularly of the PIGS…Portugal,Ireland, Spain and Greece. Look into Soros and the socialist Lagarge’s involvement in the creation of the EU.   The USA and Germany are are bailing but it is a matter of time…and their collapse will effectively bring about our collapse, through lost trade, investments, etc …That is the scenario which will bring about a global currency via the IMF with the UN claiming world governance.

3.) Pigford, The New Black Panthers, Fast and Furious  are examples of Obama using his Justice Department to break down our rule of law, and the utter destruction of our constitution.   Pigford is Obama’s first step toward the logical conclusion to his retributive, redistributive answer to the CRT, Critical Racal Theory.  Fast and Furious was a two fold scheme to put pressure on the Second Amendment in order to gain backing to take away the rights of citizens to own and bear arms And to continue the use of drugs and drug cartels to launder their illegal drug monies which continue to fund the progressive party through those laundered monies?  The Black Panthers will be used again to strike fear and intimidate at the next election…We have not seen the end of Obama and Holders army whom  they continue to encourage and inflame.

4.) The  Kestone Pipeline is another avenue where Obama has stopped drilling to keep us oil starved and dependent while claiming the need to use less of the worlds oil supply than the USA is entitled to…Meanwhile Obama’s arsonist operatives in the Midfle East setting fires. Trumka, Stern (“workers of the world unite”) ACORN were all in Egypt and the Middle East….why? To create chaos and instability. Instability in the Middle East drives up the price of oil. The high price of oil creates a transference of wealth out of the USA.  Understand the dollars value has been tied to the price of oil since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. Saudi and the OPEC agreed that the dollar would be the currency with which to sell and buy oil, protecting the value of the dollar and tying directly to the price of oil…And with Obama’s freeze on drilling here, driving the price up through chaos in the Middle East….we are further weakened, impacted and redistributing our countries wealth.

5.) Obama and his minions have gone for social deconstruct through Obamacare. Secular moral lessons of amorality are being forced upon the people, the family and the churches.  When  2013 and implementation arrives you will understand  our flag is in the midst of being captured.

The secular society with it’s  rules and its costs will be the handcuffs of socialism…but with Obama there will be a retribution factor that becomes more obvious and can best be understood by understanding CRT, Critical Race Theory. Which is why it was so important Obama’s relationship to Rev Wright be ignored and  that his relationship to and endorsement of and  the teaching of Prof. Derrick Bell’s  CRT be hidden from the voting public.  CRT, in short,  is to use racism as repeated, unrelenting criticism of our constitution so as to deconstruct your constitutional rights.  The left has long used the judicial branch to create law from the bench rather than follow the law of the land…the constitution.

6.) These forces at work with Obama not only want a tranference of the wealth and treasure of the USA into their hands, and the transference of our free market prizes into their accounting column… They  hold in concert their common hatred and their hope for the complete and utter destruction of Israel.  The world is realigning in part because of a weak anti-American President and a weakend America but also because of the rise of the Globalists, the IslamoFascists  and the dogs of socialism and communism.   Obama’s reticence with Iran has nothing to do with stopping them from going nuclear..It is because he wants to be seen as such …as he nudges them toward Israel and war.

We stand at the abyss. We have little chance to pull this back …but it can be done.   Do not let the muzzle of PC language silence you. Time is short. Watch Obama and note he is moving much more rapidly. Netanyahu understood. I pray we can stop this evil.

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