We Were Once a Free Country

As we celebrate another Independence Day here in America, I consider this one maybe the most bittersweet. I still consider myself a free American, but with the rulings by the Supreme Court and the decision by Justice John Roberts to switch his vote at the last instant, I can’t help but feel we have been betrayed and we surely are no longer a truly *free* citizenry. I have read many articles by other bloggers who feel the same way and although we are no where near ready to just accept defeat, we are all a little sad on this our 236th anniversary of our country declaring its independence. The blows to our freedoms and liberty during the month of June should be a wake-up call to all citizens that our way of life is no longer “gingerly” falling off the edge, but is in fact almost completely in mid-air! I don’t know what else can happen to awaken those that are still remaining or chosing to remain apathetic.

I have also seen many posts and comments urging the citizens to take up arms and march on Washington to let our elected representatives know we will no longer put up with their treasonous actions. I firmly believe that is exactly what the anarchists and traitors in the White House and their administration are looking forward to. That would definitely give them the perfect excuse to declare Marshall Law. And I also believe they are looking for ANY and EVERY excuse they can find to do just that. They haven’t turned the New Black Panther Party loose on us yet, because they know that we know if the chaos starts with the NBPP, we will not tolerate that, so they are looking for us to “fire the first shot” so to speak.

We have already seen this past weekend, with the Secret Service shutting down the young people who had gathered outside the Capitol building to peacefully protest “Fire Eric Holder”. The pretence was that there was a “bag” left outside and the people were dispersed as a safety precaution. This was the second type of shut down in the past 2 weeks of our expression of Free Speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment of our beloved US Constitution. This new policy of no protesting near any building where the President or any Senator or Representative are located was passed in March 2012. This is only the beginning of what is to come folks and we had better get it stopped before it has a chance to go much further or we will no longer have an opportunity to do so.

I was checking on a link on my Facebook wall this morning titled “Continental Congress 2.0”. One of the commentors remarked this petition was signed by Col. Allen West, I assume to entice others to sign the petition just because Rep. West signed, thereby, giving this petition and movement his endorsement. After reading the “100 Consolidated Grievances for Consideration to be Included in a Petition for Redress of Grievances by the Delegates of Continental Congress 2.0 Convening in Philadelphia from July 2, 2012 to July 4, 2012“, I am convinced IF Col. West signed this petition, it was because someone recommended he sign or a staff member suggested it and he did not read the entire grievances section. Although there are some legitimate that I do agree with, there are far too many socialists ideologies and what I consider out-and-out looney ideas. There are far too many of the 100 grievances that I do not agree with to list, one specifically that I do not agree with is they are calling for a “one for all medical insurance” this amounts to the single-payer system like Medicare for everyone that is what Obama and the socialists are wanting to begin with. That’s one reason Obamacare was passed, so they could turn it into the single-payer system!  Another of the grievances is for the “legalization of ‘marihuana’ (I believe they were trying to say marijuana!), which I DO NOT agree with!! This grievances list sounds like something the Occupy protesters came up with under the guise of being Constitutionally supportive. There are far too many *free* programs to be set up as well as *taxpayer funded* suggestions, which is the same thing. They are calling for Big Government to become bigger, all to justify all the *free* programs for the *needy*! The majority of grievances listed are no where close to what our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence have set up for us as guidelines.

I do agree with their idea to abolish the Federal Reserve, although I do not agree with the Treasury Department “absorbing” the duties of the Fed! The whole Fed was set up to give a few select bankers control over our money and I don’t believe that is right. They also are calling for Congressional Term Limits which is a fantastic idea. And there’s a suggestion to abolish the controlled media conglomerate of 6 to 10 corporations/owners that control every media outlet we have access to. This conglomerate is a definite security risk to our National Security.

The web site is Continental Congress 2.0 www.the99declaration.org. I’m sure glad I went on and checked out this site and especially the 100 grievances before I decided to support this by signing the petition and giving them my email address. Taught me a lesson, that just because it has “Constitution” in the name doesn’t always mean it is supporting THE original document the Founders penned!!

Until next time, may God continue to BLESS each and every one of you and as we humble ourselves before Him, may He continue to BLESS and prosper our beloved United States of America!!


About msmamasramblings

I am a God fearing, Holy Bible believing sinner saved by the grace and mercy of the one and only God, creator of the Heavens and Earth. I was saved by Jesus Christ, the one and ONLY SON of God in 1977. I married the love of my life, next to Jesus, in 1978 and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. All three are grown now and they have babies of their own. We are the proud grandparents of 4 precious angels on loan from God above. I don't know what we did before they came along. Life sure must have been boring because it sure hasn't been since! I hope you will enjoy the ramblings and rants of an old grandma who is trying to make up for all the years of apathy towards who was elected into all branches of our government beginning here at our local level going all the way to Washington DC. If you don't like my opinion, you are free to exit out of this page. We are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we fly THE STARS AND STRIPES, and we sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND WE PRAY EVERY CHANCE WE GET TO THE ONE AND TRUE GOD, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, NOT Allah, Buddha, Mohammed or the Dali Lama! If you don't like it, you are FREE to leave this country and live in one that suits you more than America does, there are thousands to chose from and I'll even help you pack!!
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