Conspiracy Theories…. Really?

No matter what you think of conspiracy theories, they’ve been around for a long, long time.  And in this age of technology, the internet has allowed these theories to explode exposing them to many different people across the globe.  I’ve read about the global one world government, or as some call it, the New World Order, NWO, or Agenda 21, for decades and have done a little bit of research into it and discovered included in that research a theory about “chemtrails”.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading or hearing on the multiple videos out there about what these people have been doing to the populace of the world, and a good majority of these ‘people’ are folks that use to work in the government and according to their videoed statements they actually carried out some of this across the globe.
According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, this is the definition of the term “chemtrail”…

The term chemtrail is a portmanteau of the words “chemical” and “trail”, just as contrail is a contraction of “condensation trail”.[5] The term does not refer to other forms of aerial spraying such as agricultural spraying (‘crop dusting’), cloud seeding, skywriting, or aerial firefighting[6]—the term specifically refers to aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in ordinary contrails, resulting in the appearance of characteristic sky tracks. Supporters of this conspiracy theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be for solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, human population control,[1] weather modification,[3] or biological or chemical warfare, and that these trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.[7][8]

As more and more people learn about these trails being left across our skies, there is more and more proof that there definitely is something going on.  Although you rarely hear any stories on any news media broadcasts investigating any of this.  There are some reporters who dare to approach this subject, but not nearly enough.  And some of those who have done some investigation, and gotten too close for comfort to those who are the backers of carrying this out or thinking all of this up or financially supporting this, according to their family members or colleague’s, have paid with their lives for trying to disclose this to the rest of us.

The latest theory has developed out of this harsh winter that has hit the United States since October 2013 and especially with this latest polar blast or as it’s known in the “weather community” the polar vortex.  According to meteorologists on our local news and places like The Weather Channel, these polar vortices are blasts of arctic air that have come down from the North across Canada and have extended as far as the central region of Florida.  This latest storm hit our area here in the Deep South Tuesday, January 28, 2014, and has left many areas in our southern states in utter chaos.  Because of the rapid icing that took place in cities across the South, like Jackson, MS, Birmingham, AL, and Atlanta, GA, schools, businesses and government offices all began to close to allow people to hopefully make it home before the roadways got so bad they couldn’t make it home.  The fronts moved in more quickly than the local weather personnel predicted, and as a result, the main thoroughfares in these major cities became literal parking lots of cars, trucks and semi-trailer trucks, or as we call them here in the South, 18-wheelers, or Big Rigs, that were literally stuck on the icy roadways.  More accidents than the local towing or wrecker services could handle left those roadways totally and completely blocked and people who were able to, left their vehicles where they sat and either got someone to come get them or they walked home in the frigid temperatures and sometimes almost blinding snow.  There were reports coming out of Alabama and Georgia of multiple school buses who were stuck in this gridlock and were carrying a full busload of students.  Needless to say those students, whose parents either didn’t have a way to come get them or were unable to reach the buses, were forced to spend the night and most of the next day on those buses.  And there were even buses that were caught up in the grid-lock on the highways before they could even reach the schools to pick up the children in some communities.  Those children, whose parents that weren’t able to reach them, ended up spending the night there at the school with what school staff that hadn’t left the school.  There are multiple stories now coming out about what brave souls consoled and entertained, in some cases, what were full classrooms of frightened children.  My first question when I heard of these were: WHY didn’t the school officials cancel classes for Tuesday?  There were multiple weather sources announcing for over a week in advance about the extremely cold weather that was headed our way.  But their explanation was, there was not supposed to be much accumulation of snow or ice and they thought they had time to send everyone home before the roads got to the point that it was dangerous to be out on them.  Hopefully, they have learned a valuable lesson because today is THURSDAY, January 30, 2014, and there are STILL roadways blocked by the abandoned vehicles and there are multiple reports by people across social media saying their normal drive home from work took anywhere from 3, 4 hours up to 14 to 24 hours!  I even had family members in northwest Georgia to comment on their Facebook pages that a normal 20 – 30 minute drive from work took them 2 hours to make because of the weather conditions and the roads being almost nearly impassable.
In reading some of the many stories on social media last night about the kindness of people helping their fellow man in these desperate situations, I came across a video about how some people in different parts of the country have been claiming that this snow that has fallen across the nation, is not “real” snow!  There are several videos on YouTube where people have filmed themselves going out of the doors of their homes, scooping up the snow from their yards and taking it back into the house to do an “experiment” of some sort to see for themselves what this latest conspiracy theory is all about.  These latest videos are what caught my attention and has helped me further conclude that these people who have been trying for decades to educate the rest of us are not so crazy after all.  Take a look at the video evidence provided in these links and judge for yourself:

Georgia Fake Snow!!!!

fake snow ? where is the water


All of these videos were made yesterday, January 29, 2014, and as I’ve already stated were taken from different parts of the country.  One of the ones I viewed had a comment asking where this person was and he said CANADA!  So it’s not just happening here in the U.S.

In every one of these videos, when fire or extreme heat is applied to these snowballs or clumps of snow, they don’t melt like traditional snow.  The snow that is immediately exposed to the heat, either from the flame, from the lighter, or the flame from the blow torch doesn’t start to melt or draw up right away; it takes a few seconds for it to react to the heat.  Now, I don’t know where you grew up, but I’ve been exposed to a fair amount of snow during the 55 years I’ve been on this Earth, and the snow I’ve always grown up around did not react to heat like this particular snow does!  This snow reacted more like Styrofoam or plastic when exposed to a heat source, it draws up or shrivels up.  This stuff did not melt and turn into water, in fact, the videos I saw, in not one of them, was there even the slightest drop of moisture or humidity anywhere to be seen.  Granted these videos did not show the entire snowball or clump of snow being consumed by the heat.  So to give credence that this is not a conspiracy, maybe once the entire snowball was shriveled up, MAYBE then the water would have been released from the barrier of whatever formed around it that was keeping it from leaking out…. who knows.  I never found a video where the entire snowball was consumed.  The people doing the experiments stopped applying the heat source once they realized it wasn’t melting and in multiple videos once they realized these experiments were leading to a foul odor being emitted, they stopped.  I don’t blame them!  Not knowing exactly what they were dealing with, there’s no telling what they were exposing themselves to, not only by just touching this stuff, but once those fumes started to spread, they were breathing that stuff in.  So you take a look at these videos and see what you think.  I’m thinking that maybe these “conspiracy nutjobs” aren’t so crazy after all, what about you?

The site I was on when I saw the first video of the woman in Georgia going out her door and scooping up the snowball, is Facebook.  The Facebook page is “Moretti Underground”.  This site was started by Jo Anne Moretti for people like me that didn’t believe in all of “this conspiracy stuff”, but since we’ve seen and heard some of the evidence that is out there, we are gradually learning what is going on, and in my case, I’m changing my mind on quite a few things that I had doubted before.  If it weren’t for folks like Jo Anne, millions of us would still be in the dark and calling people like her “crazy” still!  Thanks Jo Anne and all the rest of you that have been trying so faithfully to wake the rest of us up!  The comments made on this post on Facebook last night were eye-opening to say the least.  I will post the link to this entire thread on Facebook at the bottom of this blog.

Another thing that has gotten me thoroughly concerned about this “fake” snow is what showed up under the microscope by some of the people who were doing their own experiments last night.  Folks after you see these pictures I sure hope you start to question what’s been going on and what IS STILL going on in this country with what appears to be the man-made manipulation of our weather across the globe.  The people who took these pictures of what they found under their microscope know microbes and microorganisms when they see them because they work with animals and the care of those animals.  By them having such a high powered microscope, I would assume they have to diagnose what organism they are dealing with to know what treatment should follow to help their furry friends.  Anyway, the samples of snow they put on those slides and then put under that microscope doesn’t look like any water based snow that I’ve ever seen before!  Here are the pictures, take a look and tell me what YOU think:

1-28-2014 any ideas of what we are seeing here I have no clue but it isw in the snowflakes -Cynthia Gates 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully0 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully1 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully2 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully3 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully4 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully5 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully7 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully8 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully9 1-28-2014 snowflakes from Skully11

Folks, I don’t know about you, but this is NOT something I would expect to see in a normal snowfall sample placed under a microscope.  And according to the people who conducted these experiments, it’s not something they are used to seeing in normal, regular snow either!

So what are we dealing with here?  And as one person who commented on this last night said, “So, what are you going to do now?”  I’m like Jo Anne, when she replied, “I don’t know…..” I don’t know what we do now either.  But I DO know one thing, IF I had innocently and unknowingly fixed a bowl of ‘snow cream’ for my kids and grand kids, I would be TERRIFIED of what they had just ingested!

Now there were some people in other parts of the country that joined this conversation on this particular thread last night that said the samples of snow they gathered and tested did in fact melt and turn into water like normal, regular snow.  And they were very careful to make sure they did the exact same thing that the people in the videos did.  So it even furthers the mystery, when you try to consider how one part of the country has the fake snow and another part has regular snow that we are all use to.  Another question that begs to be answered is how is this being done to one part of the country and not the other?  How can these particles be placed in one area of a cold front or rain cloud and it not effect everywhere on the ground that it crosses?  One picture posted on last night’s thread showed the chemtrails that showed up over this lady’s house the day before the big snow storm hit.  So could that be further proof that our weather IS being manipulated?  I believe it is!

The Wikipedia definition of chemtrails stated that some theorists say this is being done to help stop or prevent further global warming.  And I know everybody out there has their own ideas as to whether or not the Earth is going through the normal climactic cycles that it’s always been through or whether these cycles we are witnessing are caused by man and our disregard for the safety of our planet.  Whatever opinion you hold, if you watched the videos and saw how that experiment did not melt the snow into a liquid form, it shriveled it up into a ball of some sort, you may be drawing the same conclusions that I came to last night.  I have been going back and forth with trying to decide if this is being done to create drought-like conditions across the globe thereby cutting down on the humidity produced by the Earth, and that would, in my mind anyway, cut down on the global warming conditions.  Or, is this being done as some in the scientific field suggest to put particles into our atmosphere to block out some of the Sun’s rays to prevent them from reaching the Earth to make the humidity that contributes to global warming?  If you’re like me, I don’t know what to think!  I DO know that as more and more evidence comes forth, I am beginning to get a lot more suspicious of what is going on and what is being done to produce such drastic weather patterns.  And over the past decade we have had some very drastic weather patterns all over the globe.  You can take your pick, whether it’s tornadoes where people don’t usually have to deal with that type of weather, flash floods that happen where people don’t usually even receive much rain at all, or hurricanes that are of almost Biblical proportions, or whether it’s the tsunami’s that have occurred recently that are of Biblical proportions!  Something is happening world-wide and those things that are happening are having very real consequences for those of us who are living through them.  I hope this blog has been informative and has helped lead you to begin to do some research on your own so you can begin to inform your family and friends.  It sure wouldn’t hurt all of us to have some kind of back-up plan or preparations in place to help get us through when the next disaster strikes.

Until the next time we meet…. May God continue to bless you and yours beyond anything you could ever imagine and keep y’all safe, healthy and happy until His return.

Here is the link to the Facebook post I was reading last night:

This link should provide you with all of the original pictures I posted as well as many articles linked into the comments from people who have done extensive research into these chemtrails as well as extensive research into what the government consented to use to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill that happened off the Louisiana coastline several years ago.  Some of the comments suggest that the organisms that are showing up under the microscope look exactly like the organisms they found under microscopic investigations of what was used to clean-up that oil spill. Could these organisms have gotten evaporated up into the atmosphere and in every rainfall and snowfall we have be finding their way back to Earth?  I believe they could and I also believe that this is NOT something that we need to have showing up in our drinking water, nor our water we bath with. It sure doesn’t look to be healthy to me.  As of the posting of this blog, this thread on Facebook has received over 850+ comments.  Once you click on the link, you may have to scroll down the page to find the post I’m talking about.  It leads off with the first video I posted here in this blog.


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