Portrait of a Diabetic

After reading “Portrait of a Diabetic” I’m comforted in knowing that I’m not by myself in trying to manage my Type 2 diabetes without taking the drugs pushed by the pharmaceutical companies and most doctors. I was diagnosed with this dreaded disease in September 2013 and it has been a struggle, to say the least, to find ANYTHING to eat without loads and loads of sugar. So in that respect, I sympathize with Grayson. Practically EVERYTHING sold in the supermarkets is loaded with sugar in one form or another. I took Metformin 500mg twice a day for almost 2 months and began to have severe stomach distress. My upper stomach bloated out and I got to the point where I could hardly eat anything. And I was constantly hurting from up under my breast bone all the way through my body to my backbone. When I told the doctor she suggested I cut back on the pills to once a day. When that didn’t relieve the symptoms, she suggested I take one tablet every other day. The symptoms continued so I was advised to cut the tablets back to every two days, and on it went until I was only taking one pill a week and when that still didn’t help, I just quit taking the tablets altogether. My blood sugar level has never gotten higher than 195 and normally stays around 121, although I have had several readings in the high 80’s. Thank you, Grayson for your blog. I haven’t tried the all meat approach, I’m gonna give it a try since I’ve practically tried everything else.


About msmamasramblings

I am a God fearing, Holy Bible believing sinner saved by the grace and mercy of the one and only God, creator of the Heavens and Earth. I was saved by Jesus Christ, the one and ONLY SON of God in 1977. I married the love of my life, next to Jesus, in 1978 and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. All three are grown now and they have babies of their own. We are the proud grandparents of 4 precious angels on loan from God above. I don't know what we did before they came along. Life sure must have been boring because it sure hasn't been since! I hope you will enjoy the ramblings and rants of an old grandma who is trying to make up for all the years of apathy towards who was elected into all branches of our government beginning here at our local level going all the way to Washington DC. If you don't like my opinion, you are free to exit out of this page. We are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we fly THE STARS AND STRIPES, and we sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND WE PRAY EVERY CHANCE WE GET TO THE ONE AND TRUE GOD, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, NOT Allah, Buddha, Mohammed or the Dali Lama! If you don't like it, you are FREE to leave this country and live in one that suits you more than America does, there are thousands to chose from and I'll even help you pack!!
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