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There’s also a GREAT video that should be going viral on YouTube she has linked to. Obama in “his own words” once again. Haven’t seen nor heard about it til I read Shelly’s blog today!!

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We Were Once a Free Country

As we celebrate another Independence Day here in America, I consider this one maybe the most bittersweet. I still consider myself a free American, but with the rulings by the Supreme Court and the decision by Justice John Roberts to switch his vote at the last instant, I can’t help but feel we have been betrayed and we surely are no longer a truly *free* citizenry. I have read many articles by other bloggers who feel the same way and although we are no where near ready to just accept defeat, we are all a little sad on this our 236th anniversary of our country declaring its independence. The blows to our freedoms and liberty during the month of June should be a wake-up call to all citizens that our way of life is no longer “gingerly” falling off the edge, but is in fact almost completely in mid-air! I don’t know what else can happen to awaken those that are still remaining or chosing to remain apathetic.

I have also seen many posts and comments urging the citizens to take up arms and march on Washington to let our elected representatives know we will no longer put up with their treasonous actions. I firmly believe that is exactly what the anarchists and traitors in the White House and their administration are looking forward to. That would definitely give them the perfect excuse to declare Marshall Law. And I also believe they are looking for ANY and EVERY excuse they can find to do just that. They haven’t turned the New Black Panther Party loose on us yet, because they know that we know if the chaos starts with the NBPP, we will not tolerate that, so they are looking for us to “fire the first shot” so to speak.

We have already seen this past weekend, with the Secret Service shutting down the young people who had gathered outside the Capitol building to peacefully protest “Fire Eric Holder”. The pretence was that there was a “bag” left outside and the people were dispersed as a safety precaution. This was the second type of shut down in the past 2 weeks of our expression of Free Speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment of our beloved US Constitution. This new policy of no protesting near any building where the President or any Senator or Representative are located was passed in March 2012. This is only the beginning of what is to come folks and we had better get it stopped before it has a chance to go much further or we will no longer have an opportunity to do so.

I was checking on a link on my Facebook wall this morning titled “Continental Congress 2.0”. One of the commentors remarked this petition was signed by Col. Allen West, I assume to entice others to sign the petition just because Rep. West signed, thereby, giving this petition and movement his endorsement. After reading the “100 Consolidated Grievances for Consideration to be Included in a Petition for Redress of Grievances by the Delegates of Continental Congress 2.0 Convening in Philadelphia from July 2, 2012 to July 4, 2012“, I am convinced IF Col. West signed this petition, it was because someone recommended he sign or a staff member suggested it and he did not read the entire grievances section. Although there are some legitimate that I do agree with, there are far too many socialists ideologies and what I consider out-and-out looney ideas. There are far too many of the 100 grievances that I do not agree with to list, one specifically that I do not agree with is they are calling for a “one for all medical insurance” this amounts to the single-payer system like Medicare for everyone that is what Obama and the socialists are wanting to begin with. That’s one reason Obamacare was passed, so they could turn it into the single-payer system!  Another of the grievances is for the “legalization of ‘marihuana’ (I believe they were trying to say marijuana!), which I DO NOT agree with!! This grievances list sounds like something the Occupy protesters came up with under the guise of being Constitutionally supportive. There are far too many *free* programs to be set up as well as *taxpayer funded* suggestions, which is the same thing. They are calling for Big Government to become bigger, all to justify all the *free* programs for the *needy*! The majority of grievances listed are no where close to what our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence have set up for us as guidelines.

I do agree with their idea to abolish the Federal Reserve, although I do not agree with the Treasury Department “absorbing” the duties of the Fed! The whole Fed was set up to give a few select bankers control over our money and I don’t believe that is right. They also are calling for Congressional Term Limits which is a fantastic idea. And there’s a suggestion to abolish the controlled media conglomerate of 6 to 10 corporations/owners that control every media outlet we have access to. This conglomerate is a definite security risk to our National Security.

The web site is Continental Congress 2.0 I’m sure glad I went on and checked out this site and especially the 100 grievances before I decided to support this by signing the petition and giving them my email address. Taught me a lesson, that just because it has “Constitution” in the name doesn’t always mean it is supporting THE original document the Founders penned!!

Until next time, may God continue to BLESS each and every one of you and as we humble ourselves before Him, may He continue to BLESS and prosper our beloved United States of America!!

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A Little Clarity On How We Got Where We Are

This blog is a reprint of a comment by “America the Beautiful” posted on “The Ulsterman Report” article about his latest conversation with a person working inside this administration, know to UM’s readers as Wall Street Insider (WSI). The latest post is called “Wall Street Insider: ‘IMF – Back to Chicago'”. This person’s comment has cleared up a lot of the questions I’ve had for quite a while about how, we as a people, have allowed our country to become so corrupt and our government to drag our nation down as far as we have…..

America the beautiful:

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our collapse has been in play for some time. Clinton (more Hillary than Bill) and their progressive/socialist minions on the left began the financial destruction with the alliance of Subprime-loans and the CRA, the Community Reinvestment Act, …Which in combination with a host of other tangential fraud undermined  the banks …as they were forced to make ill-conceived  and ill-advised loans that would crush housing values and the efficacy of the mortgage contract.   The mortgage had managed to be the floor or the stabilising force of America’s banks along with the legal  contract. Contracts that are met and enforced by our laws…our banking system, our courts. The ill conceived loans gave birth to the ill advised investment vehicles, CDS etc., These have been repeatedly bundled and have yet to be reengineered, reverse engineered or in some way cut from our economy… leaving in place a metasticizing cancer at the core of our economy, requiring a financial surgeon who will know how to aptly deal with it rather than an autocrat or a theorising professor.  The legal contract and private property are core components of our constitution and our economy.  With the breakdown of our banks and laws, the crippling of our economy has made us vulernable particularly in concert with Obama spending us into oblivion, which is primary to his  destructive plan.  With a distracted and downtrodden, and he hopes soon, a desperate citizenry, we are ripe for a takeover by the Global Banking system that was part and parcel of this scheme. (see Soros on collapse of currency)

Environmentalism is the mask by which the globalists manage and control. Through ventures like Obama’s CCX, cap and trade is simply a vehicle to tax and instil fear. Don’t believe Obama ever believed in Solyndra or any green energy. It was strictly another avenue to transfer wealth to his team and break our bank as he spent us into the rabbit hole…these schemes have had forerunners in Europe where the proponents are referred  to as “Watermelons”… Green on the outside, red inside. It is communism through energy  control, wealth transfer and redistributive taxation. Obama is collapsing our country into the hands of the UN and the IMF.

There are many pieces to his scheme that were obvious to the curious or suspicious.

1.) The Gulf Spill:   The spill began with two men atop the rig fighting. One died. The spill then happened… Why has there been no investigation as to what began that spill and consideration of sabotage? Obama’s partner in the CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange is British Petroleum and Soros.  Obama dragged his heels for months… for an inexplicably long long time…Refusing tanker vacuums… Closing all drilling in the gulf states..killing their economy and sending our rigs to Brazil and Pertobas with billions in loans of US dollars through the IMF, where Soros and others not only were the recipients of their benefactor but more importantly the price of oil is driven upward, upward, upward. Think it’s high now? Wait until after the election should Obama win.

2.) I believe the first TARP had to happen to stop the collapse of many of our banks. Congress, because of their mandate to write subprime loans, held responsibility to the banks. While Goldman and others had pushed the ill advised investments– the bundled mortgages originated from Congress’s mandate and their GSE banking vehicles Fannie and Freddie whom had been most egregious of all with thieving progressives at the helm? With the collapse came the fear of the raiding of America’s enterprise system by many.  We could not simply sell off the country for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps we should have…u

However the Federal Reserve and Bernanke undermined us. Bernanke kept interest rates ridiculously low as he, printed dollars into infinity for further Quantitative Easing, QE1, QE2, with QE3 in transit. This printing of dollars was direct and absolute theft out of your bank account and your future bank account.  Your values have been cut almost in half…And the socialists claim for an embrace of Keynesian economics, that in fact Keynes had disavowed, was but a Trojan Horse as they emptied our banks.

The Fed made loans and they were made not to the engines of the free enterprise system of the USA but to Europe, to their banks..where their mutual destruction is assured by the use and contagion of the Euro….and their unsustainable debt, particularly of the PIGS…Portugal,Ireland, Spain and Greece. Look into Soros and the socialist Lagarge’s involvement in the creation of the EU.   The USA and Germany are are bailing but it is a matter of time…and their collapse will effectively bring about our collapse, through lost trade, investments, etc …That is the scenario which will bring about a global currency via the IMF with the UN claiming world governance.

3.) Pigford, The New Black Panthers, Fast and Furious  are examples of Obama using his Justice Department to break down our rule of law, and the utter destruction of our constitution.   Pigford is Obama’s first step toward the logical conclusion to his retributive, redistributive answer to the CRT, Critical Racal Theory.  Fast and Furious was a two fold scheme to put pressure on the Second Amendment in order to gain backing to take away the rights of citizens to own and bear arms And to continue the use of drugs and drug cartels to launder their illegal drug monies which continue to fund the progressive party through those laundered monies?  The Black Panthers will be used again to strike fear and intimidate at the next election…We have not seen the end of Obama and Holders army whom  they continue to encourage and inflame.

4.) The  Kestone Pipeline is another avenue where Obama has stopped drilling to keep us oil starved and dependent while claiming the need to use less of the worlds oil supply than the USA is entitled to…Meanwhile Obama’s arsonist operatives in the Midfle East setting fires. Trumka, Stern (“workers of the world unite”) ACORN were all in Egypt and the Middle East….why? To create chaos and instability. Instability in the Middle East drives up the price of oil. The high price of oil creates a transference of wealth out of the USA.  Understand the dollars value has been tied to the price of oil since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. Saudi and the OPEC agreed that the dollar would be the currency with which to sell and buy oil, protecting the value of the dollar and tying directly to the price of oil…And with Obama’s freeze on drilling here, driving the price up through chaos in the Middle East….we are further weakened, impacted and redistributing our countries wealth.

5.) Obama and his minions have gone for social deconstruct through Obamacare. Secular moral lessons of amorality are being forced upon the people, the family and the churches.  When  2013 and implementation arrives you will understand  our flag is in the midst of being captured.

The secular society with it’s  rules and its costs will be the handcuffs of socialism…but with Obama there will be a retribution factor that becomes more obvious and can best be understood by understanding CRT, Critical Race Theory. Which is why it was so important Obama’s relationship to Rev Wright be ignored and  that his relationship to and endorsement of and  the teaching of Prof. Derrick Bell’s  CRT be hidden from the voting public.  CRT, in short,  is to use racism as repeated, unrelenting criticism of our constitution so as to deconstruct your constitutional rights.  The left has long used the judicial branch to create law from the bench rather than follow the law of the land…the constitution.

6.) These forces at work with Obama not only want a tranference of the wealth and treasure of the USA into their hands, and the transference of our free market prizes into their accounting column… They  hold in concert their common hatred and their hope for the complete and utter destruction of Israel.  The world is realigning in part because of a weak anti-American President and a weakend America but also because of the rise of the Globalists, the IslamoFascists  and the dogs of socialism and communism.   Obama’s reticence with Iran has nothing to do with stopping them from going nuclear..It is because he wants to be seen as such …as he nudges them toward Israel and war.

We stand at the abyss. We have little chance to pull this back …but it can be done.   Do not let the muzzle of PC language silence you. Time is short. Watch Obama and note he is moving much more rapidly. Netanyahu understood. I pray we can stop this evil.

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Goodbye Dear Friend!

This past Monday I watched one of my high school classmates and one of my best friends pass away from the ravages of pancreatic cancer. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had received a message that she wasn’t doing well so I went to her house and while I was there she progressively got worse and worse and the next thing I knew she was taking her last breath. To watch someone you love like a sister struggle to breath and then take their last mortal breath here on this Earth is absolutely indescribable.

I am a Christian, as is my friend and her family as well, and we all know that she is in Heaven with all of her loved ones that have gone on before her, but that does not diminish the pain and loss of those of us left here to deal with her daily absence in our lives. This has been especially hard on her precious Mother and her three brothers and two sisters. These people are like my second family and I feel their loss and pain deeply.

The family was visited by several of her co-workers all throughout the day Monday and were notified by one of her co-workers that she was THE most successful female ever in the business where she worked. That made all of them even more proud of this precious lady that was lying there in her beautiful bedroom struggling to live.

This woman was one of the most kind and loving people I know. She could do anything, and I do mean anything that she set her mind to do. I too am so very proud to learn that all thirty-three years of hard work that she put into her job paid off and she was so successful. Everyone that came by that day to say their goodbyes had nothing but praise and they all commented about how they had no idea how their headquarters could possibly function without her there any more. This company had graciously provided the means for her to work the last 5 months from her home, so she could take her chemo treatments and not have to worry about taking a medical leave. Not many companies are willing to do this kind of arranging for any employee, but as one co-worker put it “she is just almost indispensable, which is extremely rare to find in an employee now-a-days.” That’s a huge compliment in my book.

According to her co-workers, she was a superb employee and boss, but as a friend, I also knew her as a Mother. She was also a superb Mother to her only son. She and her beloved son almost died during childbirth, so she never tried to have any more children. She did everything she possibly could for her precious child and for all of her many, many nieces and nephews. Her older brothers and sister had grown up, married and had children even before we graduated high school. The nieces could only talk about the shopping trips with their favorite Aunt and how she would buy them anything they wanted, no matter the cost. They didn’t love their Aunt just because she bought them anything they wanted, but because on those shopping trips they could talk to her and she really related to what they were telling her. She never lost the kid in herself. That’s another fantastic thing about her that will be so terribly missed.
As happens when we all go our separate ways after we graduate high school, or college, she and I lost touch with each other for a couple of years. Then we found ourselves living about a half a mile apart and she was having a baby a year after I had my son. We reconnected with baby showers and other visits but ended up loosing touch again, with only seeing each other at school functions or in the doctor’s office every now and again. I had seen a comment on Facebook this past June about her being in the hospital and I had been thinking about her for several weeks, so I got in touch with her sister and that’s when I found out about her battle with cancer. She had only been diagnosed in May. I believe that God placed her on my mind so we could reconnect and I could possibly help give her the moral support she needed to fight this battle. At least I hope my staying in touch with her helped her in some small way.

I know there are far too many people in this nation and across the world that are dealing with situations just as devastating as this has been for us, but when it’s your family member or your close friend, then it seems like the tragedy is a little worse, at least to us it is.
I’ve learned that there are no certain symptoms to look for with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. She had no symptoms what-so-ever other than a constant bout of nausea, that the doctor she was going to kept telling her was a stomach virus. He said she kept re-catching the virus once she would get over it. She tried to tell him she wasn’t getting over it and she had to finally get stern with him to force him to run the CT scan that ultimately discovered the mass on her pancreas. By that time the cancer had advanced to Stage 4, the worst possible case she could have been diagnosed with. She immediately requested to get into a research program with any experimental drugs that were available. She was willing to be a research subject so that if she couldn’t be helped maybe someone after her will be, by using what the doctors/researchers found out from her case. It wasn’t meant for her to be cured here on this Earth of this dreaded disease, but we know our prayers for healing were answered when she took that final breath in this Earthly body and left it to go be with our Savior, Jesus Christ and all of her family members that were there waiting on her.

She was there for me the morning that we were in junior college and I received a phone call from my mother that my beloved grandmother had passed away and I was so devastated I couldn’t move. I was curled up in the chair in the third floor dormitory lobby and sobbing my eyes out when I felt two arms just envelop me and she sat there and cried right along with me. She knew how much my maternal grandmother had meant to me all of my life and this friend that I had only known for about 3 years was crying along with me as if it were one of her family members that had passed away. That’s just the type of person she is. I will never forget that.

When we reconnected by phone back in June, not too many days after I called her sister, we were talking on the phone as if we were continuing a phone conversation we’d had a thousand times while we were either in our junior or senior year of high school. It really was a total joy talking with her again. I was looking forward to her beating this disease so I could come visit her in her new home and we could go shopping. She was so very proud that with her latest promotion, she got her own office and was finally making enough money that she could buy the home she always wanted and decorate it the way she wanted.

When I got to the house, Monday, after I went into the bedroom to speak to everyone in there and speak to my precious friend, I was asked if I wanted to see what all she had done to her beautiful home. She was always showing off her newly decorated home to her visitors. She was so very proud and after seeing all the hard work that went into the remodeling when she purchased the home, I understand completely why she was so proud. She did a marvelous job of decorating. She had a natural touch when it came to things like that and that’s one thing that made her such a success at her job.

We met when I moved to this small country town when my Daddy decided to retire from his construction job he had that moved us from state to state and city to city every year, if not more than once a year. He chose this town for the small town charm and the people here are super nice. I actually hated my parents for chosing this town because I wanted to live out West in the Rocky mountains. I didn’t care which state, just in the West somewhere. But after raising my three kids here, I’m glad Daddy chose this place after all. I don’t know that I would have found the type of friends I’ve had here anywhere else. The year we moved back was our junior year in school and I always had a terrible time making new friends when we would have to change schools. Meeting this friend and the others that she was friends with was the easiest thing I’d experienced in my entire life. We ended up being almost inseparable throughout the rest of high school and even went to junior college together. I wasn’t interested in returning to college so I quit and went to work in a factory, but our “group” stayed and they all graduated and went on to make a huge success of their lives and have made their Momma’s very proud. And for that I’m proud also.

I’m also very proud to know that she was also a Christian and we will meet again. I’m so thankful to her Momma for taking us all to church. If we stayed the night at her house on a Saturday night, then we were all always required to go to church the next morning, Sunday morning. Not many parents of teenagers back then were like that, but thankfully her Momma was. So I know that once we all get to Heaven, we will have an eternity together to worship and dance together for our Savior, Jesus.

Thank you dear friend for all the wonderful memories and especially just for being my friend. I already miss you terribly.

Until we meet again, God BLESS!!

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Obama Will Attempt To Unionize United States Military Forces

As an article I posted several weeks ago stated, The Federal Reserve is one of the most dangerous corporations to the sovereignty of the United States that is out there. There is new information coming from a Wall Street Insider speaking about how he and others who helped get Obama elected feel about what he is doing and has done. This guy is positive that Obama or someone in his Department of Justice is going to attempt to unionize the United States Military before Obama leaves office. I pray I am not the only person that this idea scares. Our military forces were formed to protect the citizens of this country from all foreign entities who would try to destroy this country. I also understand that our military as well as our National Guard troops are suppose to be here to protect us from our outside enemies as well as our internal enemies.

With this knowledge why in the world is our Congress sitting back and allowing a known union thug, like Jimmy Hoffa, Jr, to call for out-and-out war between his union followers and the citizens of this country? Is this one reason Obama and his handlers are going to push the unionization of our military? So the citizens of this country will be forced to cooperate when the time comes for their take-over of our government totally and completely? I believe it is! Once the military is unionized they can force out the people who refuse to be in that type of union and replace those people with their followers who are more than willing to kill or imprison the citizens of America simply because we disagree with what direction this administration and others are trying to force us to accept.

There are already far too many Senators and House of Representatives of our Congress who are members of the Democratic Socialists of America organization. If that doesn’t  tell the regular people out in our country that are hanging onto their “old Democratic” party mindset, that their party is no longer “their” party, I don’t know what will. Maxine Waters is caught on tape making the statement out of her own mouth….. Did you notice how red Steve Cohen’s, (D-TN) ears turned, he’s sitting to her right and how he hid himself behind her when he realized the camera was on him? Then the assistant to his right was snickering under her hand? Mrs. Waters was stammering because she knew good and well she had let the cat out of the bag and was flustered just enough to not be able to regain her composure right away. Mrs. Waters as well as Mr. Cohen are both members of the Democratic Socialists of America. And they both state that they are proud members of the DSA!

These proud socialists members of our Congress are destroying our country from within. If they are successful at unionizing the entirety of our military forces, then they know they will have the communist setup they desire with them as the leadership. We as citizens of this country will be no better off than the poor people in China or North Korea are. I don’t know about any of you out there in this country but my family nor I nor any of my friends want our children and grandchildren to be raised in a country other than where we live today, THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

It’s just that simple, people. If we don’t speak up, spread the word and get these people OUT of OUR government, then those of you who refuse to voice an opinion are in essence saying you are giving these communists the OK to take over our government. Is that what you truly want? You had better do a LOT of soul-searching between now and the November 2012 elections because, believe what you are reading and hearing or not, that is exactly the direction this country is heading in and faster than you can imagine.

One personal friend that I have come to know through Twitter and Facebook is fighting his own battle from the state of Oregon. The state of Oregon is overwhelmingly Democratic and Justen is doing his best to be the lone conservative voice swimming against the current up there. I have recently become aware of what the Hoffa union supporters are trying to get started to make Justen quit speaking out against Hoffa’s inflammatory words in his speech this past weekend.

The Constitution of the United States protects every American’s right to free speech, I believe as long as that speech does not incite violence against any person, place of business or especially our government. The right of free speech should be the same as the right to worship as we chose in this country. As long as we are not harming another person or animal then we should be free to worship whomever we chose. That’s what makes America America! The diversity of its peoples. But once that line is crossed and people are fearing for their lives or the safety of their families because of their religion or their political beliefs, then it should no longer be allowed. I definitely am not calling for any kind of control over our political speech, but when a person as powerful as Jimmy Hoffa, Jr steps up to a podium and tells his followers “if they want a war, a war is what they are going to get. Let’s take these sons-of-bitches out” it is the duty of especially our President to rebuke those words. Instead President Obama, who followed immediately after those inciteful words were spoken, told Mr. Hoffa he is proud of him!

With these remarks, I’m assuming (as are most of the other TEA party members) that any violence against anyone in the TEA party is welcome by our illustrious leader and especially Mr. Hoffa and the other union leaders, especially those there in Michigan and in Wisconsin.

I look forward to anyone, anyone, out there in any union to come forth and denounce these violent speeches or events. Sadly though I don’t believe anyone in the mainstream union leadership is against Hoffa and his president.

My friend, Justen started a Facebook movement to send 100,000 tea bags or rather the paper tag and string to Mr. Hoffa at his business headquarters. Some of Mr. Hoffa’s union followers though have started another rival campaign to send 100,000 bags of feces to Justen’s home! How’s that for civility? We send paper and string to Hoffa’s headquarters and they send biohazard waste! Really respectful, isn’t it?

Not to mention they have published his home address to every loon that is out there willing to take physical action against Justen or any of his family members. This type of “civility” is what is wrong with this country. For over 230 years this country has not agreed one hundred percent on anything, but we have always just agreed to disagree and worked through all of the problems we faced as Americans. Now the rhetoric seems to be taking a more violent tone and there are millions of us out here worried that it’s going to take someone actually getting killed or possibly hundreds of people getting killed before it is stopped. The violence in Tuscon, AZ in January of this year didn’t stop the violent talk, in fact it’s only gotten worse and it is not the members of the TEA party that are calling for all the violence, nor are we committing any of the violence. Every instance of violence that has been reported happening at a political speech or event is a black eye for our beloved Republic.

The Tuscon shooter, though he wasn’t affiliated with any political party, stands out as utter senseless violence and there’s no telling how many others like him are out there and willing to listen to the hate-filled speech by leaders such as Hoffa and the other people spouting such rhetoric. I have never heard any public figure in the TEA party movement calling for any form of violence. Every article, blog post, tweet or Facebook post I’ve ever read from a TEA party supporter has called for all of us to get our message out to the masses through non-violent means. As most people in the TEA party know, there is not just one “leader” of this movement. There are many, many factions that believe the same thing and are pushing for more cuts in government spending, no raising of taxes for any reason, limited government so that small businesses can flourish and allow the businesses to put the unemployed back to work and get those that are able off of the entitlement rolls.

The food stamp rolls have increased dramatically because of the millions of people who are out of work. The political pundits on TV that are belittling the American citizens for being on food stamps, I have one question for you…..just what are the unemployed workers suppose to do? Allow their families to starve just so the amount of people on the food stamp rolls doesn’t go up? When the unemployment checks stop and there is no job to be found in any county around where you live, and no job in any state close to where you live, what else is a person suppose to do? I’ve got family members that have been forced to get on food stamps to keep from starving. The local church and community food pantries only provide a small portion of what a person needs to survive. When there is no other alternative, food stamps is a last resort for the majority of American taxpayers. And believe me, it is a very humbling experience to know that is the only way you can feed your kids. I also know that once the jobs have returned, those same people who humbled themselves to accept the food stamps get off of those food stamps and start providing for their families again. Anyone with any sense knows that if you aren’t working, you can’t buy anything. So all of you “mouth pieces” out there putting down all the unemployed people that have gotten on food stamps, should be ashamed of yourselves. You better be more financially prepared than you are, or you may find yourself brought down to where we have been in the past and wishing for all your being that there was a government food stamp program to sign up on when the economic collapse finally does hit this country.

The class warfare that is being pushed front and center now is absolutely ludicrous. There have always been people in this country that are considered “living in poverty”. I know many very happy families living in what our government considers poverty. I also know many families that through no fault of their own are forced to live in that lifestyle. Then there are the ones who just flat out refuse to work and provide for their families. The first two types of families have a safety net to help them, the social programs started back in the 1930’s and the 1960’s. The third type of people should be on their own, but our government also provides for them. Then on the other end of the spectrum or as we say in the South, on the other side of the tracks, are the rich or wealthy people. Whether they were born into a rich family or they earned their wealth by the sweat of their brow, they are able to provide most of anything their family needs or wants. The majority of Americans only wish we could be that wealthy. Those of us in the middle have lived here most of our lives. If we happen to lose a job and are forced into the poverty class for a short time, once we are working again, we pull ourselves back up out of the poverty and into our middle-class lifestyle once again. If anyone is blessed enough to get out of poverty to wealth or out of the middle-class to the wealthy class, we are proud for them. It is wonderful that they have achieved what is truly the American Dream. That’s what this country is all about, working your way up from the bottom to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, or at least to be able to provide for your family and pay your bills.

I’m really curious to know exactly what the American Dream is for the likes of Van Jones, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Steve Cohen, Bennie Thompson and the other thousands of so-called socialists, or in the case of Mr. Jones, out-right Communist who are or were in leadership positions in our government? I’ve heard all of them saying that the TEA party is trying to kill the American Dream for every American citizen and the illegal immigrants that are here to work. If we TEA party members are out to kill the American Dream for everyone, then why in the world are we fighting tooth and nail to get those same socialists/communists out of our government? Anyone with any sense, can look at their arguments and see right through their rhetoric. If all of us are fighting for the same American Dream, we wouldn’t mind if they were in a leadership position in our government. The fundamental difference is they want government to control us and we want to control our government, the way the Founding Fathers set things up for us. That’s exactly what this battle of wills is going to boil down to. Which group of people is going to end up controlling the government of the United States, the unions with their corrupt leadership, the socialists/communists who want total control over everything including every aspect of our lives or the taxpaying citizens that are tired of working and paying in taxes for the political elite to squander and hand out to any and everyone they chose?

It’s time for each of us to make our decision. As for me and my house we will follow God first, and then fight for our rights as American citizens with limited government.

Until next time, may God Almighty grant His wisdom and discernment to each and every one of you.

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