What The Muslims Don’t Want Us To Know….

It appears there was a meeting in Richardson, Texas at the Hyatt Hotel by a group saying they were promoting peaceful relations between Muslims in this country and other American citizens. As you will see in this report, even the two Americans with bought tickets were asked to leave or escorted out of the “conference” room where the ‘meeting’ was taking place.

http://wp.me/pygru-12H The North Texas Tea Party What the Muslims didn’t want you to see….. Hyatt Hotel in Richardson, TX

So what exactly could an Imam, banned from entering this country, until Barack Obama was elected President, possibly be preaching about or teaching about that would have everyone who is not a professing Muslim banned from the room? It makes me wonder if there’s not some sort of covert activity being promoted. Otherwise, why be so secretive?

Could they possibly be plotting or planning? Of course this is pure speculation, but maybe they are trying to get the multiple cells that are here in the US to ban together to form one single jihadist group. There are far too many of the jihad training camps operating within our country right now. Why these groups are allowed to continue their jihadist training camps is beyond comprehensible! This is an issue that Congress needs to address, especially since the Department of Justice is turning a blind eye, apparently. I’ve heard nothing about these camps on the local nor National news station. Why could that be? Maybe they don’t want us regular folks out there holding up signs for the terrorists to be deported, do ya think?

http://www.military.com/video/operations-and-strategy/domestic-terrorism/terrorist-training-camps-in-the-us/660940716001/ 2/18/09

I know this is a link from February 2009, but like I said I haven’t seen anything in the news about these jihadist camps. They can call them what they want to, we all know exactly what they are and our DOJ does too! I can only hope and pray that someone with some common sense in our government, surely there is someone left up there with some, is keeping a close watch on exactly who’s going in and who’s coming out of these places. It’s bad enough for our soldiers to have to watch their backs while in combat, but for them to have to come home and possibly face a group like this, is unthinkable. That’s the main reason every war, since the Civil War, has been fought upon foreign soil, so the battle will NOT be on American soil. But with this group, I’m afraid that’s exactly what they are training for and trying to build up a formidable force right here on our turf!

Everyone, now more than ever, with the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 just around the corner, we must ALL be on our guard and be ever watchful about everybody we come in contact with. Even here in America, we can no longer just assume this land is a safe place, especially with these kind of people training in our own backyards. Not to mention the “homegrown” domestic terrorists that we, as a nation, face every day also. Please just be aware and be careful.

Until next time, may God guide, BLESS and keep you ALL safe!


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I am a God fearing, Holy Bible believing sinner saved by the grace and mercy of the one and only God, creator of the Heavens and Earth. I was saved by Jesus Christ, the one and ONLY SON of God in 1977. I married the love of my life, next to Jesus, in 1978 and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. All three are grown now and they have babies of their own. We are the proud grandparents of 4 precious angels on loan from God above. I don't know what we did before they came along. Life sure must have been boring because it sure hasn't been since! I hope you will enjoy the ramblings and rants of an old grandma who is trying to make up for all the years of apathy towards who was elected into all branches of our government beginning here at our local level going all the way to Washington DC. If you don't like my opinion, you are free to exit out of this page. We are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we fly THE STARS AND STRIPES, and we sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND WE PRAY EVERY CHANCE WE GET TO THE ONE AND TRUE GOD, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, NOT Allah, Buddha, Mohammed or the Dali Lama! If you don't like it, you are FREE to leave this country and live in one that suits you more than America does, there are thousands to chose from and I'll even help you pack!!
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