A Mississippi Mama’s viewpoint of…..

Hello blogging world!

As I have stated in my profile, if you’ve seen it yet, I am just a grandmother that has wasted the past 36 years as a participant of the most sacred right given to us by our Founding Fathers….the right to vote! I was sure I had signed up as soon as I turned 18, but when I went to the local courthouse to update my information, they couldn’t find me on the voting rolls anywhere. So I registered for sure this time.

Registering to vote is one of the easiest things to do. All you do is fill out a VERY short form and sign your name, show your photo ID, a drivers license, is what I showed. Then a few days later,  I received my voter registration card. This is going to be an interesting August 2 for me and my mother, who is 75 and had never registered either. We will be learning how the voting process takes place. Neither one of us has any idea what we are suppose to do when we do get to the voting precinct. So this is certainly going to be interesting. Of course, all of you that have been doing your civic duty and carrying out your right to elect whom you chose, already know everything there is to know about what I’m going to be trying to figure out. I certainly hope none of you are in line behind me and mother when we get there…..I’m afraid you’re going to be in for a long wait. I hope not, but I bet it will be!

I am surprisingly a social media addict! I have a Twitter account and a Facebook account. I have been a Twitter-er, or Tweeter, since November of 2010 and love Twitter. It is a wonderful place to express your politcal views with like minded folks. Of course, you can “pick a fight” with the opposing viewpoint with just the click of your mouse and a lot of the people I tweet with just love to fight there on Twitter. Look me up, my name is “msmama33”. We can share some ideas or not which ever.  I’ve been facebook-ing or had a page on facebook since May 2010. My facebook ID is “Gale Hall Childers” and I have found so many family and friends that I had lost touch with over the years. Facebook is a wonderful site for reconnecting with folks. I try not to use my facebook account for sharing so many political viewpoints, but I do believe, as I posted the other day, if you are not being active in politics and doing your due diligence in researching the candidates, then you are part of the problem! I am finding out more and more every day, that if you are not willing to research a candidates views on the issues facing us in our communities, state and nation, then you should not be voting. And by not voting, you are in essence giving your vote to the person who wins, whether that person is qualified for office or not. So I do include a lot of links to articles I’ve read on the wall of my facebook page and of course, voice my opinion about those articles. I get a lot of information from Congressmen/women themselves through “liking” their facebook pages too. That’s how I’ve found out so much about some of the legislation that is being voted on now and has been voted on in the recent past.

I am also a PROUD member of the Tea Party! I have joined the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party Nation, Freedom Works and The 9.12 Project Network. I feel it is a duty I have long neglected to be as active in politics as I possibly can. Otherwise, with every citizen being as apathetic as I was, that is exactly how we have begun to loose the rights that we have already lost. If we don’t wake ourselves up and wake up our neighbors, we are in danger of loosing even more rights and before we know it, America will NOT be the America we all love and grew up in. It is being changed into a completely different country than what our Founders set it up to be and that scares me to death, as it should all of you! I am just a normal woman who worked for over 36 years, paid my taxes every year just like millions of other American citizens, and did the best I could to raise my children in a loving, happy and safe environment. All I have ever asked of God is to be able to find someone who loved me and he gave me my husband and asked God to allow us to raise our children to the best of our ability and provide for them even more than what I was blessed with when I was growing up. God has answered my prayers and then given me a LOT more than I even dreamed of having. And I thank Him daily for all of my many blessings.

If we continue to allow our politicians to continue to spend our hard earned money with no accountability, this country will not stand for much longer. The debt this Nation is in is astronomical and without a miracle from God, we in our lifetime, will never even begin to see it reduced much less paid off. I don’t know about y’all but I do NOT want my grandchildren to already be slaves to the United States government by the time they are old enough to get a job and start paying in their taxes. My children are in that slave state now, with each one of them being in their 20’s and at least forty cents of every dollar they pay in to the government going to just pay the interest on our loans. This is definitely NO way to manage a country. Now I hear the President and the Speaker of the House are at a stale-mate in the debt increase negotiations yet once again. I’ve heard hundreds of people who know far more than I do about these things, make the statement that we in the US do not have a tax problem, we have a spending problem and I agree with them. Speaker John Boehner is correct in holding the line and listening to the American people when we are all sitting out here screaming as loud as we possibly can….NO MORE SPENDING! But as I understand things, President Obama has not put forth any definitive ideas as to how he will make any cuts and point out in detail exactly what cuts he will agree to. This is not leadership, this is making him sound exactly like a spoiled brat that is not getting to go to the mall and spend his parents money the way he wants to. He needs to step up, define what cuts he will make, STICK to that agreement and actually make those cuts and not just give lip service to an idea to get his way yet again. Our citizens and especially the taxpayers deserve so much more out of our government than what we are getting right now. Even from the Congress, both the House and the Senate. We deserve elected officials that are willing to put the people in this Nation ahead of what the lobbyists are being paid to lobby for. I wouldn’t mind one bit if someone were to have the backbone to stand up and outlaw lobbyists all together. Our government is getting bigger and bigger and we are getting smaller and smaller and that is NOT the way our Founding Fathers designed this government. I firmly believe the Founding Fathers were each one given Divine wisdom and enlightenment from God Almighty when they were framing the documents for the laws to rule this Nation. That and the faith in God that the founders had is the MAIN reason that this Nation has lasted as long as it has. It will continue to be blessed as long as we are willing to continue to seek God and His wisdom in our every day lives and if our leaders do the same.

I would advise anyone who reads this little rant to read and study everything you can about our Constitution and listen to, read about and study up on the candidates that are running for office this coming August 2nd, that way you will know which candidates are willing to stand by, uphold and defend the Constitution of this United States, which is suppose to be the Law of the Land, and which ones allow God to guide their person decisions and their business decisions! Personally, I will not even consider a candidate that is not willing to pledge to abide by the God given commandments in the Holy Bible and the oath they are required to take when they are sworn in to take the office of which they have been elected. If they aren’t willing to honor God and that oath, then there’s no way we can trust them to do what is best for us and this great Nation!

Well, I think I’ve rambled enough for this time. I just want to thank everyone for reading and hope you read something that will make you think about maybe how you can help to bring this nation back to the wonderful, peaceful country that we grew up in. Hope you all have a blessed and restful night.

May God BLESS,

Gale ~ msmama


About msmamasramblings

I am a God fearing, Holy Bible believing sinner saved by the grace and mercy of the one and only God, creator of the Heavens and Earth. I was saved by Jesus Christ, the one and ONLY SON of God in 1977. I married the love of my life, next to Jesus, in 1978 and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. All three are grown now and they have babies of their own. We are the proud grandparents of 4 precious angels on loan from God above. I don't know what we did before they came along. Life sure must have been boring because it sure hasn't been since! I hope you will enjoy the ramblings and rants of an old grandma who is trying to make up for all the years of apathy towards who was elected into all branches of our government beginning here at our local level going all the way to Washington DC. If you don't like my opinion, you are free to exit out of this page. We are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we fly THE STARS AND STRIPES, and we sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND WE PRAY EVERY CHANCE WE GET TO THE ONE AND TRUE GOD, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, NOT Allah, Buddha, Mohammed or the Dali Lama! If you don't like it, you are FREE to leave this country and live in one that suits you more than America does, there are thousands to chose from and I'll even help you pack!!
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16 Responses to A Mississippi Mama’s viewpoint of…..

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Gale. Nice to meet you.

    • Thank you, Bob! It’s wonderful to meet you too and thank you so much for the link to your blog. One of my readers came from your link! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks again!

  2. loopyloo305 says:

    Welcome, so glad you have joined our community! Excellent post. Share your feelings!

    • Thank you, loopyloo! It’s so nice to meet all of you. Thank you for reading my blog. I started this because I get so doggone mad at listening to all of the children in DC while all of us are out here screaming to the top of our lungs….JUST STOP IT!! But to no avail, it seems! I’m really nervous about “being published” out in the world, so to speak. I’m very up on the rules of etiquette on the internet…..yet! I guess it will be a learn as you go experience!

  3. boudicabpi says:

    Good morning MSMama,
    Came here from a link I got from Bob over at Crockett Lives http://crockettlives.wordpress.com/. It’s rough getting started and all of us have been and/or are going through it. One thought, if you don’t express your political views on your face book account open another with your blogs name and express them their. Maybe first name MS and last name Mama. Just a thought. I have my facebook account and also have one Boudica Bpi. Do a few posts so we can come back and read and consider adding you to our blog rolls to help you get some traffic.
    Regards and best of luck.
    Bob A.

    • boudicabpi says:

      A couple of other thoughts. Consider adding a subscribe by email widget, a blogroll widget when you find some blogs you might want to link with and turn on the share in your settings so you and others can tweet your posts and a tweet widget.
      Bob A.

      • Thank you, Bob A. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for the advice about the email widget and blodroll widget. There are many bloggers with some awesome blogs that I would LOVE to link with. I hope to eventually get all of this figured out and get everything I need to have on the blog page on here soon. I do share my political views on my facebook page and I believe that’s one reason so many of my friends don’t interact with me like they did when I first got my facebook page. Thank you for the suggestion of creating a new facebook page just for my political friends and links. I’m definitely gonna try and do that. As a Constitutional Conservative Republican I am in a HUGE minority in the town and county where I live. Out of a population of over 8,000 only 70 people voted Republican in the last election out of the whole county. So we’ve definitely got our work cut out for us!

  4. AFVET says:

    I think we should ban lobbyists altogether.
    It amuses me when the politicians go on the radio and implore the serfs to contact their representative.
    1. you talk to their staff.
    2. the reps are isolated from the serfs, unless they are conducting a TEA Party forum.
    3. they go back to Washington and begin again to listen to the lobbyists.

    Term limits are needed big time.
    This country cannot afford entrenched politicians anymore.
    Keep up the great efforts Gale.

  5. roxannadanna says:

    Congratulations on your blog.
    If you’re interested in reading more on the Constitution, Heritage.org has a great site called First Principles. http://www.heritage.org/Initiatives/First-Principles
    If you’re not already aware of it, check it out and see if you like it.

    • Thank you, Roxanna! I definitely will be checking out the Heritage.org web site about the Constitution. Every American should be interested in finding out more about our Constitution, especially since the elected officials in this Congress and White House seem so hell-bent on ignoring and even destroying it! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving me this information!

  6. boudicabpi says:

    You’re welcome MSMama,
    I think all of your commentators here today would be happy to share any tips on getting off the ground.
    Bob A.

  7. Thanks again, Bob A. I did have some trouble with my newest post, “making the tough choices”. I wanted to add a link to an interview that Gov Mike Huckabee gave to back up the quote I put in my blog, but I never could find any instructions on how to get it to show up on my post. Maybe I can get it figured out before my next “idea” hits me. I finally figured out how to get the catagory right before I post. So maybe I’m learning….slowly but surely! LOL!

    • loopyloo305 says:

      On putting a link in your post! 1) copy and past your link into the post 2)recopy it and hit the link tab at the top of your post (it looks like a link of chain) 3)paste your copied link into the box 4)type the name into the second line 5)save or add your link and that’s it! Good luck! It will come with time!

      • boudicabpi says:

        There is also a check box that asks if you want the link to open in a new window/tab. By default it will open and replace your page. If you check the box the linked item will open in a new tab. Just a matter of preference.
        Bob A.

  8. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

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